View Full Version : album to raise funds!

28-11-12, 00:25
hey guys! some of you may remember me others may not i am bluesparkles son and last year i ran a half marathon raising money for this site too keep it running and now i am back with a new venture fund raising mission

so here is the plan, as a musician music has been a huge part of my life for as long as i can remember and i think its about time i do something with it, so i am in the midst of recording a cd tittled "doing it my way" covering some of the swing classics by sinatra, dean and many more once done the cd will be available to buy and we will post it out to you on cd (hopefully will also be available via download on itunes) ALL money raised will be donated to NMP to help with the up keep of the website i will start a thread to keep you all updates on the works of the cd and hope you will all follow and then buy thank in advanced

i will also be posting some links to some tracks i already have up on you tube :)