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22-08-06, 15:11
hi everyone having such a bad day , been anxious all day nearly had a full panic attack this morning as i thought i was going to stop breathing..today my heart has raced all day and tonnes of ectopics...does anyone else get days when their heart just beats quick constantly, im laid down now and its thumping away...it terrifies me, its like ive just done a run....had tests done back in may..all ok just showed ectopics...why is my heart beating so fast, im so worried....
thanks everyone

22-08-06, 16:35

i know how you fell i realy do my heart dose this every day and the ectopics well i get them all the time dasy and night .
i was told when yor heart is going that fast to put your hand in icy water or push down(like when having a baby)it helps to put your heart back to normall it dosent work all the time but try and see .
hope this is a help to you as i know how you feel these ectopics have stopped me from living my life for so long and they just wont go i hate them so much

23-08-06, 20:22

I can relate to this i was the same as you my heart was racing nearly all the time, it is down to anxiety your body is on red alert it will take time to calm down don't worry to much.

It's not a nice thing to have i was always anxious because of it i could not rest. Try and take slow deep breathes thats what i used to do or i would listen to calming cd's.

I still suffer ectopics but my heart doesn't race but i've learned to cope with them i've had them for five years now.

i hope this helps you

take care
linda xx

23-08-06, 21:06
I've suffered with ectopics for 4years now and like you they still scare me. I've just had a 24hr tape done and still waiting for the results. Do you mind me asking, when they found the ectopics on yours what did they say?
Hope you're feeling a bit better now.
Take care, Linda.

24-08-06, 08:56

I have a racing heart all the time,always at least 100bpm and i worry so much about it too
I think its true that your body will be on alert all the time,which means your heart will be geared up ready for the fight or flight response

Your not alone
Hunny x

24-08-06, 12:21
thanks to all who has replied it really does help to know im not alone in this....

linjane- i have replied to your question under your post in the symptoms section!
take care allx

Stress head Rach
25-08-06, 09:01
Just to add.... I do too..... I get it where I darnt do any excercise cos im scared it will go even faster. I walk upstairs one step then another ect... then sometimes I ride my bike to work and dont even think about it and then remember and its fine...... Do you always feel your heart beating if it is fast or normal.... I do the min i wake up to going to bed.... and when I eat it has a spurt of going about 120bpm when i am in anxious mode. Near my period it will do about 96bpm all day..... resting pulse is 72bpm but when I am chilled it will be about 58-62bpm........ a doc told me just to let it happen its a workout for the heart!