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10-06-04, 12:30
Hi folks

I was just wondering if anybody knows how long you can take the above tablets for. I don't wont to take them indefinitely, but I really feel that these combined with my multi vit and Omega 3 tablets are really working. I Feel really good at the mo, I've had the odd jitter, nothing serious, but generally I feel as though I'm making really good progress.


Purdy x

10-06-04, 14:13
Would be interested to hear any answers on this as I have just this minute bought some Quiet Life tablets.
I have never taken any medication before as I found that counselling and behavioural therapy worked best for me. But the last time I went to the docs about my strange shakey feelings inside she suggested beta blockers but I am wary of any medication (I don't even like taking aspirin). But I thought I would try a herbal remedy instead.

10-06-04, 16:36
Excellent, glad you're feeling better.

If they're just vervain, passiflora and stuff you can take them pretty long term as long as you don't exceed the recommended dose.

As you feel better though you can cut down on a dose and see how you go and gently get to the stage where you take them just pre a worrying task / outing .


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Dr.David Livingstone

11-06-04, 15:27
Thanks Meg, I will try and wean myself off them.

Purdy x

25-03-10, 09:36
I would be careful of coming off stressless tabs, make sure you do it correctly and slowly as I stubidly just went straight off them and had side effects of mood swings.

I will say if you constantly take them as recommended i think three times a day they are excellent in reducing anxiety and can take about couble of weeks. But I would recommend them for anxiety.