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oh no_1
13-12-12, 09:20
wasnt sure where to put this post?
only putting here as this is the meds im on at mo (havent been on any since march) but i dont think it is these meds, i just dont know.
havent been on here for few weeks which just isnt me.... even when i tell myself i need a break i cant but i just havent been on.

still off work :(

basically when was in work last it was first day id gone back.... at end of day i just burst out crying for no reason when no one was around (i never cry around ppl), someone at work saw me and just couldnt stop and couldnt stop all night, cried for 13 hours non stop, slept for an hour then woke up.....

.............. since waking up i have had no emotions/feelings.....
the only feeling/sensation i had is when i need toilet, i usually comfort eat and eat secretly and eat loads when ppl are not about, prob why im so fat, but i havent felt the need to eat, my body hasnt told me when im hungry, lost a stone in last 4 days (but that fine as need to loose about 8 stone anyway so that isnt a worry.
felt nothing, trying everything, for first week and bit i just slept (obviously needed it after about 7 hours sleep in a whole month for the last month and been up at 5 everyday and not been in house till bout 10pm or after.
tried everything.... the things that normally give me some kind of emotion,feeling...... even to extreme of pinks songs which have alot of meaning and emotion and nothing.
so at mo it like a waiting game each day waking up and hoping il feel something.... but gosh how long do i wish and hope for.......
thats all for now.
some replies would be much appreciated.

13-12-12, 12:31
i had no emotions for years...
i just thoguht it was me BUT as i started on the road to recovery slowly but surely they came back.
i can now laugh...i mean really laugh, i can smile and its not forced and i can cry... oh my can i cry!!!
but you cant just wake everyday hoping to get better you have to work at it and put alot of effort into it...
it does not just happen...i will say its not easy its hard work but my god its sooooo worth it.
and yes i fell several times but you pick yourself up and start again.
little steps...choose small goal to achive at first...
please dont just wait ...

oh no_1
13-12-12, 15:30
its not like depersonalisation... it different
appreciate your comments about trying and alot of effort....

....im trying so so so so much.... it took so so so much (may not sound it) just to allow myself to say its okay to just sleep all day.

hard to explain

il have to write a longer post one day.

15-12-12, 19:31
Trazodone helped me sleep OK for a couple of weeks, then my hours of sleep reduced daily.

I had to come off them. Maybe you should discuss an alternative with your GP, these medications can cause all sorts of unwanted effects.

oh no_1
15-12-12, 22:43
aint been on them long enough yet....