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april tones
10-06-04, 17:03
how long does it take to come off tabs? something to look forward too. Im on 2 tabs of 37.5 a day. thanks x


10-06-04, 17:07
You'll need to discuss it with your GP and come up with a plan.

The slower the better to avoid withdrawal sideeffects .


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

11-06-04, 12:52
this is how it is working for me, at first i was on 4omg of citalopram a day, i was on them for about a year, then i went to 20mg a day for about 6 months, now im on a 20mg tablet every other day and that is going to last a month and then every second day for a month and then off altogether, i've had now withdrawel effects from coming off the meds!

You're right, it is such a great turning point when you get to come off them,
Wishing you all the luck in the world. H xxx


11-06-04, 18:40

I never even thought to follow a withdrawal plan when I came off Prozac! I was lucky and only felt worse for 2 weeks then no better ot no worse, but this is not recommended and you do need to do it gradually.