View Full Version : Nasel endoscopy, what to expect, sensation wise?

18-12-12, 02:09
Sorry for over thinking all this.

So I know the spray will numb my nose and throat.
I'm a bit worried about panicking if my throat feels tight or swollen.

Does it take long for the spray to wear off?

Is there a chance of a nose bleed?
This happened after I had surgery, due to the breathing tube being in my nose.
I don't know if it's common but the nurses seem rather surprised lol

What will it feel like going down?
Will I feel pressure, or maybe gag or cough?

I'm not sure how far down the doctor will put it!
It's to check my sinus and throat.
But I know it can go all the way down in to your tummy too!

Knowing what to except sensation wise hopefully will help me not panic.
I get health anxiety so it doesn't take much for me to assume the worst or to overreact :)

18-12-12, 10:14
Hi Anxious gal. Is what your having anything like what is in an old tread of mine if it is it is a a strange feeling abit like having a massive bugger up your and afterwards some discomfit and a slight nose bleed but that was it.

18-12-12, 22:40
Hi Anxious Girl I have had a larynoscopy where you have some local ananethetic sniffed up the nose and then you have to swallow the scope. I have had this done twice now and I trust the doctor implicitly, I did not gag and I could have looked at my vocal chords on the screen but I did not, The worse part was the discomfort in my nose for a week afterwards. It felt like someone poking my nose. Swallowing the scope was no problem. If you try to breathe deeply and focus on something else you'll do just fine. EJ the spray will wear off in one to two hours and you can eat and drink normally.

19-12-12, 05:15
Thanks for the replies :)

I'm not sure if I'll have to swallow the scope but since I'm getting it for my sinus pain and throat I wouldn't be surprised so better to assume the worst lol

Oh wow twice! So can't be too bad or you'd not get it done again ha ha
Oh good to know, otherwise if I had a weird feeling in my nose for a week after I would just be worrying about it.

Ugh I just hope my anxiety doesn't stop me from getting the test done properly. Hopefully I can keep my nerve for a few minutes :)