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24-08-06, 23:29
i am very upset. i started getting this again since sunday this week. this was the first and worst symptom i ever got and its been gone for about 2 months almost. i thought i was over this completely and never had to deal with it again. i was actually feeling very good, my best for a long time with anxiety prior to this sunday. i dont know why it came back but all i remember was i was in the bathroom late saturday night and in there i felt it a little but it was so little i just didnt mind it. then sunday morning when i woke up i was overwhelmed with it. i feel like im starting all over again. does anyone have any suggestions or any reassurance? also, ive started taking 10mg paxil about 3 days ago (tonight will be my 4th pill). ive become pretty desperate now since school is starting up again and im gonna need to be feeling pretty good to get by. so far the paxil hasnt changed how i feel at all, i dont fell any better, i dont feel any worse or got any side effects. i was never really into taking any medications cause i heard a lot of bad things about them. i rather eliminate anxiety at its source. so today i called up the people at the linden method to talk about trying that. i came across the website and they are bragging about how it completely elimates anxiety in 100% of their patients. its supposed to compeltely change the part of the brain thats responsible for anxiety by certain excersizes. they are supposed to call me back and email me the pdf file of the book and hopefully this would help me. has anyone tried the linden method before?

25-08-06, 04:42

Havent tried the linden method, but I do know how your feeling. This year has been hell, and it wasnt until recently that I've been feeling the best I ever have, which makes the downfalls even worse. Its really hard when u think everything is better and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere u fall, hard. It happened to me the other day. For some reason, which made no sense to me at all i totally lost it and had a panic attack. It really upset me as well because I was going so well. Whatever u do though dont think that u are not getting better. Its not going to happen over night, and there will be downfalls on the way, but thats all part of the journey to recovery. As for medication, its helped me a lot, and I dont think there is anything wrong with it if it helps you get better, but I think its great to look into other methods as well. Ive been trying to do the same thing.

Keep your head high. You will get through this :D

Love Ness xoxoxoxo

25-08-06, 21:23
Its a hprrid feeling and me personally it knocks for six! I take one step forward and a dozen back - at times it feels soul destroying. At times I wonder how I could ever have just got up and went about my business without worrying at all as its the bane of my existence at the mo.

At times when I am 'mid panic' though I do often think of you all here and its quite comforting to know I am not alone and if I do just wait it usually passes.

25-08-06, 21:45
Here's a granny-hug for yoo XXX !

Feeling bit like this myself on and off at the mo and I'm putting it down to the fact that school starts again in two weeks. I find distraction works most of the time and focusing on something other than the 'unreality'. By my own admission that's easier said than done sometimes, but just trying it does give a sense of achievement.

Love GroovyGranny x

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