View Full Version : How to be referred for ECG?

24-12-12, 22:54
I've never had an ECG but im sure it would put my mind at rest about heart issues.
Rather than paying for it privately, how do i get referred by NHS?

24-12-12, 23:12
You go to your doctor to tell them about your heart worries or chest pains and they should send you for one if they think they need to.

24-12-12, 23:25
Ive been to my docs several times about different things and I think they know I have health anxiety.
They are very reluctant to send me for things in general.
Would they do one at a&e?

25-12-12, 00:00
I've had an ECG done actually at my Dr's surgery, i.e. withou a referral. I went to see my Dr because I had been experiencing palpitations over the previous weekend (unrelated to anxiety), and because of my age (I was in my early 20s at the time) the Dr delayed her morning clinic so that I could have an ECG straight away.

25-12-12, 01:21
If you tell the hospital you're having chest pains the first thing they will do is an ECG (From experience)
again, if you go to a cardiology unit or heart institution normally, the first meeting they do with you, they will take your stats i.e BP height weight and ECG. This is all from experience could be different at other places
And to your question, they will do one at A&E if you're complaining of chest pains.

Merry christmas.

25-12-12, 02:42
As Elle has said, ECG's can be done at most doctors surgery's. I had one not long ago.

I would say go back and have a chat with your doctor, explain your worries and explain that you feel you would benefit from having one done in order to put your mind at rest, I'm sure they will help you hun :)

25-12-12, 03:05
You could ask for the 24 hour holter monitor test.
It's like an ECG but monitors your heart for a day.

Has the doctor mentioned palpitations? Cause he'd sure be able to hear them.

If there's no reason for him to refer you, you'd be better off going private if you didn't want to waiting too long.
Also see if he has an ECG in the office.
Mine heard my palpitations, then ran the ECG n sent me to hospital for more tests lol
I was ok just having a fast n irregular heart beat.
So they'd tell you right away if anything was unusual.