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03-01-13, 23:08
For all of you who blinked and missed it No More Panic hit 1 million posts a short time ago.

I am sure that when Nic first started NMP that she never thought it would ever be so popular or help so many people in the way it has.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Nic on the big achievement.

Well done Nic and here's another 1,000000.:yesyes:



03-01-13, 23:18

Nic it's time for you to hold your head up high :D
You have created a priceless site. NMP gives us all hope, encouragement, understanding, friendship and support and that, to many of us, is a priceless gift :D

Thank you so much for providing NMP to us all, you're work is so much appreciated :)

All the best to Nic and to NMP

With love and hugs from

Aunty Moosie :yesyes: :yahoo: :yahoo:

03-01-13, 23:56
well done Nic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

04-01-13, 00:10
Indeed, well done Nicola and congratz on NMP reaching this milestone. This is an truly precious site that has helped me out a lot.
It's really nice that there is a place like this that you can visit whenever you feel a need to, I was really lost in my panic attack until I found this site, so Thank You!

04-01-13, 00:23
woo! Go NMP!

04-01-13, 00:35
Fantastic News!!!! Congratulations!!

Thank you to Nicola & all the admin staff who work so hard for our benefit. :bighug1:

And to all members new & old, thanks for supporting others even though you may be suffering yourself. What a fabulous forum to be a part of. I am sure we have all felt the benefit and made new friends along the way.

:yesyes: Long may it continue!! :yesyes:

paula lynne
04-01-13, 01:03


Paula xxxx :hugs:

04-01-13, 10:20
Congratulation NMP and Thank you Nicola for a great site :yahoo:

04-01-13, 10:42
Well done Nicola and the team. So glad I found this site and i didn't have to put my glasses on to read auntie's good wishes :shades:

04-01-13, 20:48
Thank You everyone for the lovely, kind words.

Roll on the next million!

05-01-13, 07:02
Very well done to all involved and one big thank you from me.:yesyes:

05-01-13, 19:14
Well done nmp, and thank you Nicola for brilliant website.:yesyes:

05-01-13, 20:13
Thanks Nic and all at NMP for such a wonderful supportive site. It has been a massive help to me through some dark times. :hugs:

05-01-13, 21:11
I am so thankful, and lucky to be part of a million. Thank you a million times Nic, and all at NMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

06-01-13, 21:26
nic gets annoyed at the health anx section, but HA makes up most of the site traffic. Someone offered to offload nics annoyance, and made a different forum. nic didnt forward the visitors because she wants to keep the site traffic, the other site closed down

this will probably be deleted so that 50 people dont see it here but its ok because Lots of people know. oh does the million include all the deleted arguments that nic enjoys but removes so the site doesnt look bad?

06-01-13, 21:37
Actually I am not going to delete this. I am going to ask you to be big enough to reveal your true identity and stop hiding behind false names all the time.

06-01-13, 21:54
to be honest.. its probably because people keep coming back because they enjoy it here, they feel supported here and content. Some people are obviously bitter about nic but you know what, no matter what you want to say we are one big family here and I actually feel sorry for you for trying to destroy that.

06-01-13, 22:05
How sad :( Can't believe idiots like that exist, are you aware they are PMing people as well Nic?

06-01-13, 22:05
nic gets annoyed at the health anx section, but HA makes up most of the site traffic. Someone offered to offload nics annoyance, and made a different forum. nic didnt forward the visitors because she wants to keep the site traffic, the other site closed down

this will probably be deleted so that 50 people dont see it here but its ok because Lots of people know. oh does the million include all the deleted arguments that nic enjoys but removes so the site doesnt look bad?

Health anxiety is a frustrating subject not only for the sufferers but for family, friends and anyone else who are involved with someone who has this condition. I know this because I have suffered with HA since my early teens and I have saw first hand how hard it is on people who care for us.
Luckily I have now came out the other end of my HA but it took tough love rather than 'Awww you're fine' to get me there so please don't attack Nicola for feeling the same way even our loved ones do. At least she provides the HA forum for people to offload.

As for closing threads...Nic is not the only one who can do this. As admins, all of us have the option to close threads that become heated and argumentitive and I myself have closed quite a few as have the rest of us.

Ignore them Nic. :lac: xxx

06-01-13, 22:16
How sad :( Can't believe idiots like that exist, are you aware they are PMing people as well Nic?

Yes I am thanks

They still won't come out and say "Hi it is xxx here and I have this to say as a previously banned member." That would probably be more credible that continuously creating logins purely to have a go at me.

macc noodle
06-01-13, 22:19
Well I haven't been here for a loooooong while but thought I would come on and say Congrats to NMP for its 1m post.

And what do I see - more argy bargy over Nic/NMP and deletion of posts/accounts etc etc - more of the same old same old!

Well what can I add to this - Well done NMP - a valuable resource that helped me at my lowest ebb - tolerated my many posts about my HA problems and the constant seeking of reassurance from the members here - but hey then I thought that this was one of the reasons the site existed ??

And it indeed served me very very well during my lowest moments - who knows what would have happened to me if there had not been the chat room with friendly voices to distract and entertain me? Where would I have ended up without the soothing tones of old long gone members from this site who patiently helped me through my darkest hours of dreadful fear and irrational panic thanks to the demon HA?

I know that it is very much horses for courses and, of course, that old chestnut that you cannot please all of the people all of the time and my opinions about the debilitating effects of HA and how to approach the problem have not always accorded with Nic's outlook on this particular mental illness. BUT on balance I am far happier that NMP was here and that I found it when I did and the simple fact remains to all of you who question and doubt her motives, without Nic and her dedication, this resource would not have existed and would not have helped as many people as it has done so over the years.

So I salute the resource that is NMP and hope that it is around for those in need for a long time to come.

To those doubters out there, you can always find somewhere else to vent your ire and leave this site to those who still find it an aid and comfort to them in time of need.

Keep on doing what you do Nic xx

06-01-13, 22:49
So sorry that you had to read that BS Nic....I and many others received an equally rude PM. This will not deter us from visiting and getting the help, advice, support & friendships we get from this great site. Long may it continue, thank you Nicola xxx

06-01-13, 23:05
I think the fact there are a million posts shows just how much help Nic has given to anxiety sufferers around the world. I hope admin don't let this get them down, we are all still celebrating :D

06-01-13, 23:09
Whoever this is, you need to go get help or something!!!!

I'm NOT interested in any more of your PM's either so don't bother wasting your time with them!!!!!!!!

Do you honestly think this is a positive way to address a problem?????

If you have a problem, which, clearly you have, then do the decent thing and contact Nicola and POLITELY sort it out!!!! GROW UP!!! Even my Grandchildren wouldn't behave like this!!!!!

And thanks for sending my blood pressure through the roof too!!!!!! I take it that you do understand that people on NMP suffer from panic and anxiety........you've probably been successful in making a whole lot of the lovely members here feel ill!!!!!!!

How dare you!!!!!!!!

Nice or any admin, I completely understand if you delete my reply, it's just I have to get this out of my system, I'm sorry, in advance, if I've broken the rules in any way, I'm not usually like this, but this has really upset me!!!!

I love NMP :) and I love everyone in here, admins, mods and members and I kind of feel really protective towards you all now and that's why I'm reacting like I am :)


06-01-13, 23:47
Here, here Auntie Moosie....you said exactly what I was thinking!!!

07-01-13, 00:58
Hi everyone, it's been quite some time since I last posted, bit I felt it necessary, so please hear me out.

My name is Naomi. A few posts back on this thread, I read a comment from somebody with the username Hennie, claiming that someone started a Health Anxiety site to help people whowere suffering as Nic was supposed to be sending people from NMP to the site, and she didnt... which is the reason it closed... that person was me.

I would like to clear a few points up. I started High Anxiety last year after communications with Nic about the massive workload resulting from the vast amount of Health Anxiety sufferers on this site. Off my own back, I opened the site to help those who suffered from HA. I did this regardless of whether or not anybody from NMP joined it, using the logic that if I only helped one person via High Anxiety, that was still one person that had received help. The site was very slow starting and it reached about 100 members in 6 months. The majority of the members joined, posted a cuople times and then disappeared. Many also claimed that due to the small amount of members, they couldnt get a fast enough response from other members to reassure them about their fears. Although this was problematic for me, it was to be expected for the first year of a site.

The people who were showing signs of most distress on the forum, had my msn address so I could offer them support pretty much around the clock, should they need me.

Those of you who know me, or knew my site, would be aware that I started it because I am also a longstanding health anxiety sufferer. It seemed logical to start my site as my health anxiety was diminishing day by day, so it game me more freedom to concentrate on other peoples problems without being clouded by my own.

In May 2012, I started having Chirokinetic Therapy for my health Anxiety. By September, I no longer suffered from it. I still dont. I decided that as a result of the lack of interest, combined with a need to allow my previous health anxiety to no longer define me, I opted to close the site. I must emphasise, that my site was not closed for financial reasons, or from a lack of support from NMP. It was symbolic closure on a period of my life that I felt would help me. The people from my site that I had spent a long time talking to over the past year or two, already had my msn address, so they still had the reassurance they needed from me on a one to one basis. Therefore, I can only presume that Hennie is not one of these people.

I am a good natured person. I started my site in the hope that if it came to it and the HA side of NMP became too much of a workload, then people could join my site. If it didnt, well, I was still helping those who found it independantly on the internet.

Whoever the person is spreading these rumours, please understand that NMP pretty much saved my sanity after the loss of my mum in 2008, and although Ive not been on this site much since I got over my health anxiety, I still pop back from time to time to check and see how everyone is and to offer my help to those in the chatroom should they be in a state of distress. If I had any issues with this site or any of those running it, I would not come back here.... but I do. Hennie, whoever you are, you are misinformed. Regardless of your arguments towards the specific way in which my site or NMP are run, nothing changes the fact that both are/were primarily a place for people to help each other and reduce anxiety. Malicious remarks/comments/PM contradict the nature of a forum designed to make people feel better. If anyone, or if Hennie wishes to take this matter further regarding the bogus claims that my site was closed due to the lack of involvement from NMP, may I suggest that you are man enough to address the issue via my msn, where we can talk it out like adults. If, however, the member in question does not have my email address, then might I suggest my site may not have closed had you had the same amount of enthusiasm for being active on my site as you are maliciously active on this one.

That is all I have to say on the matter. Big love to all, especially the health anxiety sufferes who will always remain close to my heart, and will always have the offer of my assistance through this site, should they need me x

07-01-13, 14:04
Thank You Naomi for taking the time to post this and clear things up.

Hennie is clearly misinformed yet still won't reveal who they are. Instead they are not only intent on getting to me but are sending PM's to innocent members on here who have nothing to do with the vendetta against me. That is shameful for someone who themselves suffers mental health problems and would hate it if the tables were turned and this hatred was aimed at them. Shame on you Hennie and those involved with you.

07-01-13, 14:28
Actually it has had the reverse effect on me.Having "been selected" as one of many who received this crude and horrible p.m. last night, I am now more than determined to help others on NMP to the best of my ability.

Whoever you are, you are a coward and are causing unnecessary distress to many people on here . Proud of yourself, are you ?

paula lynne
07-01-13, 16:21
I recieved the unwelcomed PM too.....how sad that someone has to hide behind a computer screen and write such negative and untrue statements in order to make themselves feel better. Ricardo is right, it is cowardly behaviour.

Nic and team, you KNOW how valuable you are to the majority. We thank you all x
Pol x :D

07-01-13, 17:45
For those who were not so ‘lucky’ to receive the PM from 'Hennie', (a few of the members who received the message sent us the message) this is the part of the PM which (xfilme) was responding too…..

200,000 in health anxiety. HA makes up most of the site traffic (revenue money)

nic gets annoyed at the posts in the HA section (people bloody whinging about the same thing, as she put it). A previous member offered to offload the HA posts, and made a whole different forum, in exchange for nic forwarding the visitors to her. nic didnt forward the visitors because she wants to keep the site traffic money numbers, the other site closed down. nic is addicted to your "hero worship". her problems are your problems. your problems are not her problems.

I would like to thank Naomi for clearing this up for us and I feel that it is totally unfair of 'Hennie' to bring her into the vendetta they have got against Nic and perhaps they ought to get their facts straight before they actually send out messages to members, who are more than able to make up their own minds about Nic and NMP………which it appears they already have done if the replies on this thread is anything to go by.

All I can say to ‘Hennie’ is please leave our members to make up their own minds about Nic and the administration of this site and unless you are willing to come on to the site as you and not hide behind these many personas you appear to make then you are certainly not welcome here.
To me it proves that you know and care very little about mental illness and it says an awful lot that you send these messages to our members that are vulnerable and cause them 100% more worry and problems than NMP will ever do.

One question though…..If you have so much of a problem with NMP then why are you still trying your hardest to get onto a site which you clearly hate?? Bizarre!

07-01-13, 17:48
WOW, I didn't get the PM luckily but that is so unfortunate that somebody feels the need to act so cowardly with the intention of hurting others.

I really don't understand ... if you hate a website, just don't go on it, simple as that. If you feel so strongly you'd be willing to stand behind your word and show your face (or name or whatever).

Well, to all the admins, thank you for all that you do and all that you put up with for us!

07-01-13, 19:47
I received this message and thought it was very petty to be honest.
I find this forum a great comfort and have had so much support over the time I have been a member.
Nic and the team run a great site, I just wanted say that. :flowers:

08-01-13, 22:51
It's lucky they didn't send this PM to me. The only good troll is a destroyed and worthless one. They're worthless and destroyed before they get to me, I just help them to see it.

Back in the day I had some run-ins with some members of this site. It's a time I haven't thought about in years, but even if I was still that bitter and angry person, I would still know that Nic lives to help others and is in no way doing this to be some kind of hero.

Anyone who says otherwise needs to unplug their finger from their arse and their genitals from the tumble-dryer, and get some fecking people skills. Or better yet, get Minecraft, then none of us will see them again.


08-01-13, 23:21
A million posts Nic lass, well done;) just don't let Alex take any glory, you know what he's like xxx

08-01-13, 23:23
I find it very sad to log on to NMP and see such a negative posting.

I am not as active as i used to be because of my workload now, but think it is so sad that someone joins just to cause a bit more misery into the lives of sufferers, not only them but to Nic herself for setting up a website for sufferers........its free! yet its still not good enough....... Now it has to be about how many postings, and how many are deleted etc.

If we all had to pay for this site, i could probably take the complaint on board.

It's pretty much very low to join, complain, and try and humiliate the founder of NMP and run off again............I'm sure Nic would give you your money back for your joining fee...............If one existed!!

08-01-13, 23:28
Just a very few bad apples Diane, the vast majority appreciate NMP and Nic and Alex's work, with this many members, you are guaranteed a few muppets ;)

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Did I really just big up Alex? I must be ill ;)

08-01-13, 23:39
Jaco................i'd have a glass of wine poppet.... you did just big up alex


08-01-13, 23:41
You can tell its ages since I have been here, I was looking for the like button ;)

08-01-13, 23:44
:roflmao:i was going to pm you where it was......only i'd forgotten how to pm :shrug:

08-01-13, 23:47
Shhhh Alex bodged the post count lol

Good to see you here Jaco x

08-01-13, 23:53
Did you not get him that Abacus for Xmas? ;) x

08-01-13, 23:56
He has learnt to count on all 10 fingers and thumbs now Jaco

08-01-13, 23:58
Sorry this is an outrage - How dare jaco be nice to me. I wish to complain to an Admin ;-)

08-01-13, 23:59
Alex has 10 fingers plus thumbs?? no wonder he lost count :roflmao:

09-01-13, 00:01
I'm busy sorry alex :whistles:

09-01-13, 00:05
Last time admin took you serious Alex my friend, I fell off my dinosaur ;) now sort that hair net out, you look like Hilda Ogden's love child !! !

09-01-13, 00:10
Oi whats wrong with my hair net ;-)

09-01-13, 00:10
I'm busy sorry alex :whistles:

Damn ;-)

09-01-13, 00:11
He looks about 20 in that photo lol

09-01-13, 00:12
20? In dog years? !!!!

09-01-13, 00:32
20? In dog years? !!!!

Oi i thought you were being nice to me

09-01-13, 00:42
Ignore me, just jealous of those youthful looks and the sexy hair net ;)

09-01-13, 01:01
Ignore me, just jealous of those youthful looks and the sexy hair net ;)

I thought as much :-)