View Full Version : MND Fear !

04-01-13, 19:27
For the past month or so i keep tripping over my feet. This happens about 3 or 4 times a week. I have convinced myself that i have motor neurone disease. I dont have any other symptons. Please advise , im very scared..

04-01-13, 20:21
From what I have understood, you would be having other symtpoms too. Especially weakness. Can you see your gp and just ask what they think?

I know of several people who trip over themselves occasionally and they are perfectly healthy.

Hope you feel better.

04-01-13, 21:10
Thanks for your reply,I have a drs appointment on the 18th, but i have convinced myself its mnd.
Why would i be tripping if it wasn't.
Im really really panicking.
Does anyone else have any thougts ?

Stands mum
04-01-13, 22:59
I have recently suffered from the fear of having MND it is so horrible. You have my sympathies.

Are your legs/feet actually weak? Can you walk on tip toes and on your heels? Can you climb stairs?

How old are you? MND is very, very rare in younger people, and very rare overall. What I learnt from my experience is the more I focused on a symptom the worse it got. Maybe that's what's happening to you too?

04-01-13, 23:16
The fear is terrifying .im 49 and can walk on my toes/heals and climb stairs. i just hope the tripping isnt the beginning of mnd. Soooo scared and worried.