View Full Version : doubled doze again

oh no_1
04-01-13, 19:45
started off on it..... then it was doubled so took two instead of one every night and then now told doctor today still not sleeping im a mess etc and so from tonight ive to double the doze again so take 4 every night!!!!!
not good when im back at work on MONDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OMFG OMFG

09-01-13, 14:39
Hi All,
Just been prescribed trazodone, got to take 100mg tonight. Any comments or success stories would be appreciated. Would love to join in any threads on it. Doesnt seem a lot of info on it

oh no_1
19-01-13, 03:27
im on 150 now..... and am sleeping.....
um i take mine an hour before intend on going to bed and then i usually drop off to sleep .... have done last 7 night but then 2nite im still awake at it now 3 27am