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06-01-13, 17:55

I'm new here at this site, but have years of experience with panic anxiety.
I was prescribed klonopin in the US, and when I moved to Europe I had to change to Rivotril. I know it is the same thing - clonazepam - but is it possible that I could react a little different to Rivotril? I feel it does not have the same effect. I guess it could be all in my head; that I'm afraid it won't work as well as klonopin, and that this is just making me fee worse, but I just wanted to check if anyone here has experience with changing to another brand medicine which is supposed to have the same effect.



06-01-13, 18:09
Welcome to the site. I know exactly what you mean, been through it myself. It was all in my head, the new version worked just as well. I wish you all the best.


06-01-13, 18:14
Thanks for your reply!
How long did it take you to get comfortable with the switch?