View Full Version : Not immediately affected by sedation + panic attack

06-01-13, 21:21
Anyone not affected immediately by sedation? I was given sedation expecting to feel sleepy but I didn't then had a panic attack and couldn't go through with it. They put the needle in and a minute later were trying to put the camera down my throat. Guess I will just have to continue feeling nauseous and have heartburn most days. I could not go through with it. I didn't feel an affect until 10 minutes later when I stood up again and them was very tired later on in the day.

06-01-13, 23:41
I have a delayed effect with anaesthetic & have had to ask for extra time to be left for me to go numb in the past. My dad is the same.

06-01-13, 23:48
Aww sorry you weren't able to go through with it hun, but all is not lost :) Could you possibly speak to your doctor and tell him that you would need to be sedated better than that?? It's a shame they couldn't have given you a little more time for things to kick in, but then I suppose they're under pressure with time and things.

I'd def go to my doctor and see what other help they could give you so that you can have the test done hun :) :hugs:

07-01-13, 08:38
Yes I shall do that thanks :)