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08-01-13, 09:45
Hi, im about 12 weeks pregnant and i saw the midwife for the first time last wednesday. She wanted to find out my bmi but didnt have any scales to weigh me so she is coming to my house next tuesday and will ask me for my weight. Im so nervous about it as i weigh 13.5 stone and my bmi is 33 which is quite high and im losing sleep over the stress of it. I just cant cope with all this. Ive also got my first scan next wed which im dreading as ive been doing a lot of googling and i found out if you hav a high bmi it is difficult to see the baby. Ive also read if you have a high bmi you need to see consultants and have extra tests. Can anyone realate to this? Has anyone been pregnant with a high bmi?

Any reassurance at all?

Please reply
love louise xxxx

paula lynne
08-01-13, 11:58
Hi Louise x
You dont say how tall you are...Im 5'6 and was 13 stone when I was pregnant, imagine my surprise when I was told I fell into the "Obese" range...horrified! The BMI is an outdated index invented in the 50s, I really dont rate it because they havent changed the mean statistics which they use to work out where you fall and in what range, all the while womens size and shape have changed considerably!. Your body shape, general health, and family history are far mor important in my opinion. I hate it when health professionals put us into little boxes and stick labels on us! All this has done is increase your anxiety and make you upset, you are even loosing sleep....it makes me mad. The average size of woman in the UK is 16, and I wish we didnt feel we all have to be a size ten and look like flipping Barbie...GRRR :mad:

The most important thing for you is the health of baby naturally. If YOU feel you are a little overweight, why not take time to start eating better and getting gentle exercise? I loved swimming when I was pregnant. I ate a jar of pickled onions every other day but thats a different story....lol x Try and relax, you dont need stress hormones raging around your body on top of all the other changes you are preparing for. They will have no problem seeing baby on the scan dont worry. Wishing you well, and sending you many congratulations! :hugs:Let us know how you get on x

Paula x

14-01-13, 23:40
Hi again, i have my home visit with the midwife tomorrow and im so nervous about this bmi business. Ive got to tell her my weight and just wondered if anyone knows if she would want it in stone, pounds or kgs? My bmi is around 33 which is really high so im so scared. She gave me a book and it said if you are overweight you cant always get a clear picture at the scan so im also dreading the scan on wed now as well. Can anyone relate?

Please reply

love louise x

15-01-13, 00:27
When your BMI is high the risk of complications is slightly higher, so the doctors just keep a better eye on you, so really you'll just be pretty well looked after :)
Honestly a BMI of 33 while it is higher than maybe it should be, really isn't too bad

I think they mean that the ultra sound might have a harder time getting through the layers of fat, so it's true the scan may not be as clear as it could be but it also depends on where you carry your weight.

If you google it you should be able to get the weight in any form.

BMI isn't too accurate as people have different bone sizes, which means different weights of bone.
Also muscle weights ways way more than fat so if you are very fit with little body fat your BMI will tell be too high.

09-02-13, 22:22

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with a BMI of 36. I had a high BMI with my son too. He's now 3, all the scans I've ever had (4 with my son and 4 so far with this one) have been absolutely fine. I worry myself sick sometimes that being overweight will cause extra problems with baby or with labour. My labour with my son was long, but okay. He was born v.healthy with an apgar score of 9/9, which is obviously very good.

I wouldn't worry too much.

During this pregnancy I have to have an extra scan at 35 weeks to check that baby's growing okay and at 28 weeks I've got to have a blood test for gestational diabetes as it's more common in overweight mummy's. I wouldn't worry yourself too much, though I know it's hard.

At my last consultant appointment the lady was going on about how I should do more walking, blah blah blah.. Even though I walk 2 hours a day just doing the school run with my little boy. She also said that overweight mummys can have problems breastfeeding, though I never did with my son and are hoping not to with this one.

You can PM me if you'd like to chat :) Hope you're okay - and congratulations. xxx

09-02-13, 22:25
my bmi was 47 with both kids or around.....there was a note on my file but baby was fine. Second child was 9.10lb and if i was smaller im sure this wouldnt of happened.