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08-01-13, 22:46
Hi guys. I'm pretty new on here and was wondering if you could help me. Foe the last 3 months I have had a 'funny' heart (palps, thuds and extra fast heart rate) I ended up I. A+E where they did tests and I had an abnormal ECG. The results came back k with abnormal st and t waves - consider lateral ischemia. I am now awaiting an echo to check for hypertrophy and I'm so scared. my Dr just thinks it due to anxiety and that loads of ecgs are abnormal but are OK. I'm 32, I haven't smoked for 4 years and don't really drink much. My bmi is 25.8 so a bit over. Does anyone know what the chances of me having heart decrease? Any help would be appreciated and I'm worrying myself sick.

08-01-13, 23:13
So sorry to hear you are going through all this extra worry.

I have had ECG's in the past but all have come back normal so I can understand how daunting this must be for you. I am sure your doctor knows what he is talking about and you are having all the right tests done. Palps etc. can be very frightening but are usually harmless. Are you on beta blockers? These could help you with the physical symptoms.

Sorry I can't offer anymore help or advice on this, but I wish you all the best with your tests :hugs:

Kitti :)

09-01-13, 00:49
My husband had a abnormal ecg one time, they put him through all kinds of test, and after all the extra test were done it ended up that he was fine. (I remember them saying to him, if he moved the slightest bit it could change the readings) the important thing is that you are getting all checked out. Try not to get to upset, I think if they thought it was that serious, they would of have let you know. I always worry about my heart also, so I would be just like you and get upset, hope you feel better soon, and let us know how you do on your test. :hugs: