View Full Version : Is she going to be pregnant?! Please help.

13-01-13, 05:36
My girlfriend and I had intercourse in the bathroom. Some of my semen got on the toilet seat. We proceeded to take a shower, then she used the toilet without cleaning it.

Is she going to be pregnant? Please help ease my mind if im in the clear

13-01-13, 06:09
I would very much doubt it.

But you might want to seriously consider using appropriate protection, you're not always going to get away with it and it sounds like you really don't want to become a Father right now, also for your's and your girlfriends safety you really should be using some form of barrier protection.

13-01-13, 06:25
More than likely not, but maybe ye both should consider using some form of birth control if you aren't already.

13-01-13, 06:47
Unlikely from sitting on the toilet seat but you don't have to ejaculate to release sperm they can leak out during sex. Chances are slim though but it can happen. Use protection, it's the safest way.

13-01-13, 16:23
Thanks for the responses.

The thing about all of this is : I did use a condom

It's just when I was about to ejaculate I ripped it off

I'm not going to go into detail why, but it's what we do