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13-01-13, 12:13

I have an endoscopy booked for week after next as I've been getting really bad chest pain behind my sternum right at the top of my stomach. Its taken me ages to believe it isnt chest related as i have a fear of a heart attack. My doctor has been treating me for indigestion and I've tried lansoparole for 6 weeks and ranitidine for 5 weeks. Neither has had much impact so I've been referred for the scope.

My doctor mentioned a couple of causes (other than just plain old indigestion). One was h.pyroli which is a bacteria. I've read up on the side effects and they don't really match mine too much. The other thing she said was a hiatus hernia. These symptoms do seem to match mine quite closely.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with one and if so what symptoms were you getting and how was it treated? Successful?


13-01-13, 15:22
I know someone who has a hiatus hernia. She has medication , I think she manages it ok. Has to have the scope every so often.had same symptoms as you.
Years ago my sister in law had a operation for the same thing.
I think-- today they control it with meds.
Hope you go on ok Arnie ,am sure you will be relieved to have the scope and find out
exactly whats wrong.

13-01-13, 15:28
Thanks Magic.

I'm actually not bothered about it so shows me how far my HA has improved over the last month. The pain is just really intense and I just feel if I could sort this out I would be feeling really good again.

Not long to wait then I should know!

13-01-13, 21:42
Hi Arnie. :)

I have the exact same symptoms as you and some other symptoms as well and my doctor suspects I have a hernia too, so I'll be having an endoscopy soon.

I do not have a fear of heart attacks but I do get awfully scared when I notice chest pain or whatever just in case it is something serious. I'm guessing you're really young like I am, so chances of us having any heart attacks is very VERY slim. Got more chance being struck by lightning 4 times. :P

I hope your endoscopy goes well for you and be sure to let us know how it went.

I love your sig by the way. :yesyes:

14-01-13, 06:58
Thanks rls. Not seen you on here for a while. How have you been? How come you changed your sig as well, your old one always used to make me smile!

I've done a bit more research on hernias and they can be brought on from weightlifting. I used to lift really heavy weights when I was proper into it a few years ago. It says that lots of people (1 in 4) have these hernias but get no symptoms and they on there own are harmless so don't need treatment. I was then reading on another post about some research being done into propranolol potentially causing the hernia but this was very speculative at this stage however my indigestion did start one week after starting propranolol and I've never suffered with it before in my life before this. Weird. I've stopped propranolol now though and still have it so it probably isn't related.

Be interesting to see what they find!

30-01-13, 18:45
I've been great thank you! Since my anxiety and everything is decreasing and I've been doing other things now, I've just forgot to come on here.

Which sig was it by the way? I've had quite a few and I forget easily. :D

I get scared whenever I get any sort of chest pain as well, and one time I had pain in my arm as well as the chest pain and I was panacing. Thankfully, the pain in my arm was due to a bruise from an injection I had a day before. Not too sure what's causing my chest pain though. So I'm going to have an endoscopy somewhere down the line. :)

31-01-13, 08:03
The ginger Jedi one!

Glad you're starting to feel better

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Changed it again! :yesyes:

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And I'm smiling again!