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21-01-13, 13:52
hi, after trying many ssris which i have bad reactions too my dr has prescribed trazodone, any one on this with good results?

21-01-13, 15:42
Not good for me, but the side effects weren't too bad. At least I didn't feel worse like I did on SSRIs.

I tried this drug a couple of times, for a month each time.

I found it helped me sleep well for a couple of weeks, but after that I was waking earlier and earlier, until I was getting 3-4 hours sleep.

As sleep deprivation triggeres my anxiety I had to go back to Mirtazapine.
If it wasn't for the insomnia side-effect I certainly would have continued with it.

21-01-13, 15:57
i still on trazodone 100mg i take it but it dont help but you never know they could work for you lets us know how u get on :)

22-01-13, 14:18
Thanks for your replies I still haven't taken it...just a bit scared, god it's such a vicious circle!

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Mark I meant to ask how do you find the mirtizapine? only reason my dr didn't give me this one is as apparently it can cause weight gain, but to be quite honest ant the minute that wouldn't bother me

22-01-13, 15:00
Mark I meant to ask how do you find the mirtizapine? only reason my dr didn't give me this one is as apparently it can cause weight gain, but to be quite honest ant the minute that wouldn't bother me
I find it's great for helping me "shut down" at night ready for sleep. It makes me nicely drowsy because of it's anti-histamine effect at 15mg.

I can't comment on it's efficacy as an anti-depressant, as when I upped the dose to 30mg (on Doctors advice) my insomnia came back. Tried this a few times with the same result.

I find it gives me the "munchies" but TBH I think that's just psychological now for me. I mean it probably caused increased appetite early on but my subconscious got used to me eating (or overeating) at certain times, so I'm sure it's just a habit now.

It can only cause weight gain by increasing appetite, so you won't put on weight if you resist the urge to eat everything in the house :)

I'm 4 stone overweight, but have been that weight since I started Mirtazapine in 2007. I've managed to maintain my weight using WW online, so it's possible to resist the munchies, just hard (for me) to actually lose weight.

I'm not sleeping great at the moment, but I know from experience that without them I'd be a wreck due to sleep deprivation.

22-01-13, 15:39

I'm on Trazodone. Got to the 150mg maintenance dose for anxiety and depression. It's lifted my dark moods and helped with the anxiety a little. It makes me very tired but compared to the hell I went through on Citalopram, Venlafaxine and Duloxetine I can't complain. Fatigue and dry mouth are my only side effects and I can live with that.

My Doctor said you need to give it at least 6 weeks to see if it's suitable.

I tried Mirtazipine and I couldn't control the urge to eat! I went from a size 6 in clothing to a 10. When I stopped it the weight dropped off. I do know someone who is on this drug and they didnt get the constant hunger pangs, so what's the case for one isn't necessarily going to be the case for you.

Good luck and I hope you find a medication to suit you.

22-01-13, 16:18
Thank you for the replies :)
Yeah I think it really depends on the individual person with food cravings. When I was on seroxat I out weight on, yet on fluoxetine (which I couldn't tolerate) i couldn't eat and was really sick with so lost quite a bit. I have also tried citalopram, sertraline and venlafaxine which none of them agree with me, they say I'm sensitive to the medication so hoping that either trazadone or mirtazipine will help me..... Fingers crossed :)

04-08-13, 23:29
Hi there
Ive been taking Trazadone for almost a year I take 300mg for Depression and anxiety.

05-08-13, 19:04
I have been on Traz for about 2 months now and the only side effect i get is the occasional bout of acid reflux. It is one of the more gentle drugs on the side effect front. Ive not known anybody get any side effects like you can with SSRI`s.
Helps my anxiety better than anything and sends me off to sleep like a baby and even better its NOT addicting like a benzo!

05-08-13, 19:36
hi anxious what dose are you on im just on the 50mg and its doing nothing for me......i tried upping it to 100mg a couple of months back but i couldnt cope with the sleepiness during the day.... thinking about asking for mirtazapine but just dont know

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Jojo, do you find it helps your anxiety?

04-11-13, 19:25
Im on 50mg or 75mg,depends how i feel. If 100mg is too sedating perhaps a try of 75mg might work. Problem with that is it involves 2 prescriptions! They dont do a 75mg pill, which is annoying. So you have to get the liquid version of trazodone.
So you could ask for it this way or give mirt a try.