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22-01-13, 12:44

I've to go for an ECG at my gp's tomorrow. I've had bad anxiety for years on and off but it has returned with a vengeance after the birth of my son 11 weeks ago. Today Im really aware of my heart beating (obviously this is a good thing!) : I feel very anxious and frightened of the ECG results. I know I'm really not helping myself, I'm hoping a course of CBT will help.

All the symptoms of my anxiety seem worse today.

Does anyone else have HA mostly with their heart?

22-01-13, 12:54

22-01-13, 12:56
Meeeeee, and I have had many ecg's you will be alright, they don't hurt, they are fast, and your results are there right away. You will feel so much better when it is all over, and you know that you are alright. Congrats on your little boy, and I hope everything goes well for you. :hugs:

22-01-13, 12:57
yep i have high heart anxiety even tho I've seeing a cardioloigst and he says everything is fine i still worry tho not as bad

a tip for your ecg and this is important make sure your as calm and still during the test any slight movement or panic can throw the reading off the test itself only last 10 seconds

best of luck im sure everything will be fine

22-01-13, 13:03
Thank you! I will try and stay calm, I'm rubbish at that at the moment though.

Thanks again xx

22-01-13, 22:12
Yes me! Think I am aware of my heart most of my waking hours but had ecgs and all have been clear....am sure yours will be too. If there was a problem they would most likely have picked it up during your pregnancy what with all the tests and things they do. Think positive. Hopefully the ecg will reassure you. :hugs:

Daisy Sue
22-01-13, 23:43
good luck for tomorrow. i had one done a couple of weeks ago.. i almost was more concerned at being semi naked in a cold nurse's room than what my results were going to be! got told the reading was normal although my pulse was fast.... hope you get a reassuring result too :)

22-01-13, 23:46
Try for rest and good sleep x