View Full Version : Any clomipramine veterans out there with success stories?

26-01-13, 17:13
Hi all,

My name is Paul and ive recently been put on Clomipramine(10mg per night with plan to goto 50mg over 5wk period) by my Shrink, and was looking to hear about some good experiences.

Kind regards,

26-01-13, 20:29
I'm not a veteran but thought I would post here as this is the most recent post about clomipramine. I am new to it as well. Just joined this site to see what others are taking it for and their stories. I have had some annoying side effects that don't seem very common and am unsure how long to keep trying it for. How is it working for you?

27-01-13, 12:20
Hi Lizzy,

Only on day three, and just come off venlafaxine, so not sure at mo. Mixed feelings of should i go it alone or persevere with the clomipramine. As this is med 5 in 16 months im kinda not sure what to do. Suppose i owe it to myself to give it a try as i have climbed mt everest in my body and soul trying to get on with my previous 4 meds.

one day at a time:)

27-01-13, 20:28
Well you seem in the right mindset about it :)
What are you taking it for specifically? How was the venlafaxine? That was initially suggested to me but I had taken it briefly about 5 yrs ago and wanted to try something else this time as the effexor wiped me out. Now considering it again.. sounds like you understand the med game. I love rollercoasters at theme parks but in my belly and brain daily is different story :P ..

I stopped Clomipramine yesterday. I tried to put up with it til my next doc-specialist appt but couldn't and trusted my own opinion over the pharmacist or regular doc. I wasn't sleeping on it, uncommon, but nothing to wait out a couple more weeks. I had the first good sleep all month last night and am happy at my decision!

I had a rough start to the Clomipramine, hopefully yours is better. Just realized mine started out right at 50mg/day though (25 2x), this might explain why I felt so funny. Glad you get to work up to it! Should help cause I did get use to it aside from the sleep thing. Anything out of the ordinary was likely related to the sleep deprivation! Hahaha oh boy...
Time to recover. :)

28-01-13, 10:36
Hi Lizzy,

Im taking it for anxiety and depression. I'm currently seeing a private Consultant at the mo', so 200/hr or 320 canadian dollars:wacko:. She has suggested Clomipramine due to the obsessional nature of my ilness( also have an aunt who has been on immipramine for 16yrs with good outcome - she tried a year on the more modern meds and was at the stage of walking up a highrise as she could not take it an longer her doc was surprised that an ancient antiD worked but it did). I have seen 3 NHS shrinks with no joy so my pocket money has to go on this.

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I can empathise with the rough start, my new shrink has the foresight to take it SLOW. My GP is very nice but looking back was always in a hurry to get me to the max dose on the 4 previous meds. He is willing to listen and now realises that i set the pace. How long were yo on Clomipramine?

Take care,

02-02-13, 02:39
yeah I wasn't about to care about it being an 'old' med, and it's supposed to be good for obsessive stuffs.
I was only on it about 3 1/2 wks.. but I was unable to sleep on it so couldn't last much longer. My next doc appt is next week.
hopefully your pocket money is put to good use! :) I'll check back later

03-02-13, 10:25
How you feling now Lizzy?

Looking at your doseage, if you are anything like me and very sensitive to meds, then maybe 50mg straight off the bat is too high. If it's 25mg caps you're taking maybe 1 at night would be a possibility until it builds up in youre system. If i had started on 50mg id end up at ER

01-07-14, 12:40
Clomipramine might be an oldie but for me it is a goodie....you can keep your new clean ssri's, they made me ill although I know they work for some. My partner is on citalopram, the one they give to everyone because it is meant to have least side effects but it doid nothing for me.