View Full Version : Finally took my first trazadone

28-01-13, 15:18
Ok so I finally plucked up the courage to take my first tablet (50mg) last night, I did toss and turn all night, though I am putting this down to the fact that I was incredibly anxious about taking them. It took me about an hour after my alarm went off to get out of bed, but apart from that I feel fine :)))
So I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will tolerate this ok as usually within hours of taking an ssri I just freak out.

31-01-13, 01:02
How is it going?
I'm about to be prescribed the same thing and I'm getting anxious as everything I have tried recently has worked out badly.
Hope you are doing well. :)

31-01-13, 19:05
Hi otter,
It's going surprisingly well :)) only trouble I am having is waking up in morning takes me around an hour after alarm to get up, I'm a bit groovy but once I'm up and about and had some tea I'm fine :)))
My mind is a lot quieter than its been in months I don't have the constant thoughts running through my mind which is great.
Give them a try, I was really really stressing about taking them as I've had a terrible time with the ssris been on 4 or 5 diff ones but they just don't work for me.
Keep me updated on how you're doing on them we can help each other along xx

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Haha auto correct I meant groggy not groovy!

31-01-13, 22:49
Thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm trying to shift the side effects of mirtazapine at the mo. Had to stop them as was allergic and got nasty eczema. I will probably be starting them next week sometime. I will def come and share how it goes.
Thanks again! I feel a bit lighter for knowing it might not be so bad this time. :D

04-02-13, 10:15
Gah! Had an appointment this morning to get the trazodone and some diaz for a dentist appt and they had booked it for next month by accident. Another night of anxiety coz I have to go tomorrow morning now! :(

Hopefully will be taking first one tomorrow night though. Hope you are still doing well on it. :)

04-02-13, 22:59
Aww otter what a shame, there's nothing worse especially when we build ourselves up for it and then to have to go through it all for another day! Try not to worry to much tonight, I know tomorrow will be a long day but you will be fine honestly! Ill check on here regularly over next few days see how you're doing :)

I'm still doing fine on it so ill keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Good luck for tomo xxxx

04-02-13, 23:22
I know how you feel with the Trazodone, I feel so sluggish on a morning and I have a dry mouth but the benefits certainly outweigh that. I don't feel as anxious and the black cloud of depression has lifted. I'm on the maintenance dose of 150mg now, built up from 50mg.

Like you the SSRI meds were a nightmare for me.

I hope this medication continues to work for you.

05-02-13, 10:59
Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words I really appreciate it. Really great to hear that it is working well for you both. :)

I just went to the doc. He wants me to take 50 in the morning and 100 at night. No mention of starting on a lesser dose. They only had the 100s available at the surgery so have to go back tomorrow for the 50s. Wondering if I should hold off and just start gently on the 50s when they come in.

At least he gave me the diazepam for the dentist without making a fuss like some do. I get a fight or flight thing if I'm not out of it and try and punch people and run away. :P

Just had a poke on the internet and found 150 in split doses is fine to start on. So looks like I'm taking the first 100 tonight. Really hope it helps me sleep. I've barely slept in over a week. ;)

05-02-13, 12:26
Thanks Bernie :). Yeah the sluggishness in the morn is a pest and I'm the same with the dry mouth, I usually wake once in the night with a dry mouth, but just keep a bottle of water at side of bed for this. Yeah I'm really really hoping this is the one for me :)
The cbt is really starting to help as well tho,mod any of you go to this?

Otter I'm so pleased you had no trouble getting the diazepam for dentist, I'm exactly the same with dentist, so feel your pain.
Hopefully you'll get a gd nights sleep tonight, I tossed and turned a bit the first nitght but think it was just cos I was sooo worked up about taking it, I've slept fine since then, which is great as it makes all the difference to your anxiety when you've had a decent nights sleep. Good luck for tonight xxxx

06-02-13, 11:09
I got some sleep! I even managed to get back to sleep after the cat tried to get me up at 7am (he's so cute and fluffy). ;) I do feel a little groggy this morning but it's not too bad.

I haven't done CBT but I did a year long course of DBT which was really helpful in lots of ways but really hard work! Glad the CBT is helping you. Feels great when things start to improve a bit eh.

The last med I was on was mirtazapine which after a week I found out I was allergic to when eczema came up all over my face and hands and it also made me dizzy all day. Keeping fingers crossed for no bad reaction to this one.

Yeh, everything is hard work when you can't sleep. I get really stressy and tearful like an over tired child. :p

06-02-13, 11:17
Aw otter I'm soo glad you got a good nights sleep and you're not feeling too bad today, hopefully this will be the one :)
What is dbt? Yeah it's feels good now I feel like I'm getting somewhere with the cbt, he's also been doing some emdr with me which is good.
Oh I'm the same without sleep I'm just soo teary xxx

07-02-13, 20:53
Urgh! Didn't sleep well last night. Been up since really early as I had an appointment and not been able to nap this aft. Not feeling at all groggy or dozy on it though so I guess that's good. :)

DBT is a year long course of skills and therapy to help people with borderline personality disorder cope. Todays appt was a review of how I was when I started it compared to when I finished. It's def made a difference but I think she went a bit overboard and made it sound like I'm cured when I'm actually still feeling just as bad, just not letting my whole life fall apart as often.

What's emdr?

I'm feeling all stressy that I can't sleep and stuff keeps going wrong. My shoulders feel like I've been bodybuilding. Move over Arnie Schwartzenegger! :p

08-02-13, 11:35
Ugh I'm the same haven't slept well last few nights...it's sooo frustrating!

Emdr is 'eye movement desensitsation and reprocessing. It's to help you with any traumatic events in your past that affect you today they use it a lot for PTSD. I'm finding it very helpful, though it is upsetting at times but on the whole it's kicking down all the foundations holding my anxiety together. It basically makes you see the situation for what it is rather than what your own perception of it is.

This explains it better http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/emdr-what-is-it

Yeah I think sometimes they just don't listen to what you're saying!

I know how you feel with the shoulders my right side is terrible with muscle tension.

10-02-13, 12:17
I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping too. I hope you can get some rest soon. It makes everything so much more difficult!

I was finally exhausted enough to get some sleep last night. Not had any bad reaction to the trazodone so far but it's def not helping with sleep.

Emdr sounds really interesting. I really glad it is helping with the core issues. :)
I'm joining a group in May to help deal with my core issues so fingers crossed!

Hot bath on the cards for today, try and ease my shoulders a bit. :)

11-02-13, 11:54
Bit giddy today and having trouble focusing. Hope it will fade over time.

Dentist tomorrow so well anxious. :scared15:

04-08-13, 23:26
Hi Guys
I'm new to the forums and have only just read this, Im taking Trazadone too, and wondered how you both are doing?