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29-01-13, 13:23

i have just found out im pregnant.. literally found out an hour ago. im 5 days late and had a positive test.

i currently take 100mg of sertraline... and i wondered if this is safe? i have read some horror stories :( i have called my doctor and i have an appoitment arranged next week to discuss my options....

any one had any experience with this?


29-01-13, 16:29
Hi Rioblu

I too have just found out im pregnant and am wondering the same although on different medication Cipralex. I have not got an appt until next week but have spoken to him on the phone. He said that obviously its ideal not to be on any medication in pregnancy. I said that I am only just feeling better and that stopping them now would be deteromental to my health etc. I asked him outright if anybody would make me stop he said no ? I asked him if in his experience as a GP has he known pregnant women to take antidepressants he said yes, I asked if he knew of any problems with pregnancy or baby as a result of this he said no. I also spoke to a pharmacist asked him the same questions and he said no not in 20 years. I think ideally they like you to come off of them or lower the dose. I have actually read online so dont quote me and im not a Gp that Sertraline was one of the drugs that was "ok" and also could breast feed on it. Let me know how you get on at the docs.

29-01-13, 16:40
Heya, Thank-you for getting back to me.
I have just got off the phone to the emergancy GP and asked her these questions. she said that its not idea to be on medication, but if the pro's out weigh the con's then it is best to stay on it. However she has suggested that i drop from 100mg to 50mg to eliminate the risk. She did say it was a small change of there something happening... sertraline and other similar drugs can effect the babys heart and cause with drawals at birth, so with the lower dosage that should be fine. she has written me out a percription to pick up tomorrow for 50mg.. and i have an app with the doc next week.

I do feel better about it all. but we will just have to see x

29-01-13, 20:16
Hi Rioblu


I am 5 weeks pregnant and taking Sertraline. I will not be reducing my meds during my pregnancy...I did this for my last pregancy and went down hill emotionally - that doesnt mean that you will though.

Please do not worry about taking these meds whilst preggers (especially not at this early stage) - your GP will work closely with you to work out what is best for you. Your doctor is right about the heart defects but the risk is only very slight (I read the research on it whilst pregnant first time).

So, I guess I'm saying relax and do what is best for you. :)

07-02-13, 19:50
My husband and I are trying for a baby and after chatting to my doctor I was switched to sertraline as it is felt to be one of the best AD for pregnancy and breast feeding.

Congratulations!!! X x