View Full Version : Possibly pregnant again?

31-01-13, 21:07
Hello everyone,

In November I miscarried naturally due to a blighted ovum. I healed quickly and had my period on the 24th December.
Now I am over a week late so have just taken a pregnancy test and it has 2 lines reading that I am pregnant!

Could I still have some HCG levels in my body or could it be possible to be pregnant again?

If I am, I'm just praying things will be OK this time. Apart from no period, I don't have any any symptoms which I didn't last time either which is worrying me that it is another blighted ovum.

Has anyone any advice or been through similar?

Many thanks


31-01-13, 22:01
I don't know anything about blighted ovums but have had miscarriages in the past. I hope everything goes well for you this time. Despite my miscarriages I went on to have 3 lovely children. I wish you well xx

31-01-13, 22:31
I would say you are pregnant again ESP if u have had a period.
I think (don't quote me) but hcg levels would be gone by now - depending how far on you were.
If u are pregnant then a huge congratulations to you and all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy.
From a mummy to a 9 year old big girl, a little angel in heaven born sleeping and a mummy to rainbow baby jack age 7 weeks xx

31-01-13, 23:10
Thank you both for replying. I will give it another week until I go to the doctors just in case it is still hormones giving a false reading. I didn't think you can get pregnant that quick. I'm worried I will have another miscarriage but I will try and think positive. Fingers crossed.
I haven't had any symptoms yet which I didn't much before. Maybe too early if I am.
Thanks again both of you xx