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02-02-13, 09:36
Hi there, im 15 weeks pregnant and just wondered is it true you get free dental care? My filling fell out a few days ago and im going to dentist on monday. Is it safe to have a filling when pregnant? The trouble is i havnt sent off for my maternity rxemption certificate yet as i need my midwife to sign it and im not seeing her till tues so will i have to pay for my filling? Is there anything else i can use as proof?

Please reply

many thanks

02-02-13, 11:47
Ask the dentist what proof they need and they will tell you

03-02-13, 19:47
My mum got free dental care when pregnant with me and had several fillings and root canals as she didnt look after her teeth.
I assume its the same now.
Agree with what Nicola has said above :)