View Full Version : Zyprexa as add on to prozac

Maddis mum
06-02-13, 00:51
Hi everyone, I have anxiety and depression. I have been on prozac 30mg now for total 8 weeks. I wake with a nervous agitated feeling each day and I still have anxiety and underlying fear. It seems to be really helping the depression. This week my psychiatrist added a small dose of zyprexa to be taken at night for a couple of months till the prozac settles in fully. I took it last night and had very vivid dreams. I slept deeper and longer. I could not wake up today. I slept till 10am and that worries me as I have 2 toddlers at home.

Can anyone tell me if this wears off? Will I always feel sleepy in the mornings?

The dose is only 1.25. Half the lowest dose.

15-07-13, 16:23
That is to be expected. I was on 25mg daily and it stopped for me after a few weeks. I would, however, warn you that Olanzapine can make you hungry.

17-07-13, 15:24
I take 1.25 mg , the smallest dose of olanzapine , zyprexa and it really helps with the obsessive thoughts

12-08-13, 09:55
I take 5mg at night it helps me sleep and smooths out my moods.I also take 50mg sertraline ,I dont get any terrible side effects that you read about with either drug.