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16-06-04, 09:47
i decided to making a feel good music tape
does anyone have any thoughts of some good uplifting songs that i could add to it
any ideas would be welcome

xxx grace

16-06-04, 12:05

i find some of the 'Dirty dancing' tracks are quite good
(or Grease) but they may not be your type of music


16-06-04, 12:39
thanks lucky,
i like most types of music. i'll add these to my list. i can remember when grease first came out when i was i bairn, it was on at the pictures for weeks and we used to go every week to see it :) happy memories, i'll use some of them....

xxx grace

16-06-04, 15:53
Hi Grace

We must be about the same age - I remember Grease being on at the pictures when I was a kid too - although I only went the twice!

Personal fav's include Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer, Saturday Night Fever, Night Fever (on cause I went to see the stage production a few weeks ago) and Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl.

Agghhh, now you all know my terrible taste in music!

Love Jo xxx

16-06-04, 19:22
Hi Grace,

I'm not sure what you'll think of my taste in music but here are a few suggestions: Sublime, Stereophonics, Manu Chao and all punk is feel good...

Sarah (seh1980)

16-06-04, 21:59

Not sure if you are a Moby fan but try "extreme ways" - excellent song - it is my "stop the panic whilst driving in the car song" lol.

I also love "lovely day" - bill withers.
dirty dancing - the whole soundtrack is great
"must have been love" - roxette
get some abba in there too - waterloo for eg

wow - can we get a copy once you are done lol!


17-06-04, 00:07
hi everyone
wow thanks for all the ideas. im going to get my son on downloading them for me.
i thought of some more aswell
like a prayer-madona
sky- sonique
sisters are doing it for themselves-eurithmics
i will survive- gloria gaynor (no i havent been doing karaoke)

your still the one- shania twain
lay lady lay- bob dillan
these two are mine and my husbands songs so i have to put them in :)

my teenage son wants to put all the football anthems in,

nicola- you could make some tapes.... get everyone on the site to pick one song each then sell them with a profit to go to the site chat room.

xxx grace

18-06-04, 19:24

Looks like it will be a great CD.

Yeah we couild do a NoMorePanic chill-out CD. Great idea but there may be a few copyright laws I think - not sure. Can you make your own CD's from CD's you have and then give them to other people.

Will have to think about that one.


20-06-04, 22:20
hi nicola
sorry it took me a while to get back. my sister in law and kids are visiting from turkey and she is in the room where the computer is.....
i will ask my hubby about copyright stuff, he studied law so he might know.
hope you are well

xxx grace

21-06-04, 19:54

greace mania is my best

Scooter Girl

if i wa hungry would u feed me, if i fell u you help me up, if i was crying would brush away my tears