View Full Version : Anyone taken clomipramine?

05-09-06, 18:40
Been prescribed it today, 10mg twice a day. Too scared to take it, had an allergic reaction to cypralex 2 years ago (SSRI) dr said he wouldn't ever give me an SSRI again so im staying on tryciclics which I have taken before (dothiepin & lofepramine)

05-09-06, 23:09
I've been taking it for the last year. I have a new doctor who wants me off it as soon as. 1) Because I'm ready. 2) He says in five years time it will become addictive 3) Its making me balloon out and gain in weight 4) It is an out of date and an old drug (sometimes I have difficulty obtaining it). It did help me sleep when I was most anxcious. Apart from that I'm glad I'm off now.


06-09-06, 06:27
Thanks T