View Full Version : Had my first MRI tonight

12-02-13, 10:41
So I just got back from my very first MRI. I was pretty nervous but made it through the deal. Mine lasted 20 minutes - and it was only the cervical spine due to tingling and numbness in hands, arms and face.

Hope it comes back clean - OMG 1 week of worry.

12-02-13, 12:50
Well done for getting through it :hugs:

12-02-13, 13:18
yeah when it started making those loud noises i almost pressed the panic button..

12-02-13, 13:25
That would really scare me :scared15: My son had one recently but he doesn't worry about anything.

12-02-13, 22:54
aw well done!
I do very badly in tight spaces, so I think I would have to get an open MRI or maybe ask for sedatives for a regular one lol

Loud noises too startle me and set of my anxiety, I also don't like it when you can't escape from loud noises, I used to even be afraid of the fire drills at school due to the loud noise :)

20 minutes is along time to be still, so go you : )
Hope the results are good x

12-02-13, 23:37
Well done!

12-02-13, 23:42
thanks guys will know in a week or so