View Full Version : increase in seroxat - concern

06-09-06, 08:56
my gp has increased my dosage of seroxat (paxil) from 30 to 50mg. some one said they thought it was quite a big jump. also that the dose of 50mg seemed a bit high. (30mg was not really helping)

the dr is reluctant to change my med for something else as i have had a lot of changes this year.
is anyoneon this level of seroxat. any advice appreciated


06-09-06, 10:25
hi there dont worry i have been on seroxat for 10 years i was on 30mg then 50mg and it worked alot better for me.whith this drug it takes a good 3 weeks to really do its thing ,hope this help if you want any more imfo just let me know take care sue