View Full Version : Has Anyone Else Had The 24 Hour Blood Pressure Holter Monitor?

14-02-13, 20:18
Hello :)

I'm just wondering whether there are any peeps about that have had the 24 hour blood pressure holter monitor??

I'm asking as I had mine fitted this morning and I'm finding it really uncomfortable on my arm:unsure: It really does inflate very, very tight, it cuts off my blood supply in my left arm so that my hand goes red and purple and I'm finding it pretty painful really.

It's inflating every half an hour during the day and every hour during the night.......I can't quite fathom out why it would need to take readings so frequently, I mean they don't even usually take your blood pressure that often if you were in hospital do they? :unsure:

I just hope I have the patients and staying power to keep the damn thing on all night!!!...........roll on tomorrow morning :D :hugs:

14-02-13, 20:23
Can't help you on this one Auntie but like the pun at the end

"I just hope I have the patients and staying power to keep the damn thing on all night!! " :hugs::hugs:

14-02-13, 20:32
:roflmao:..........aww you spotted my deliberate mistake far too quickly Ricardo :whistles:

I think it's slowly cutting the blood supply off to my brain too.......not much help to me.....my brain's always on a go slow without any help :roflmao: :hugs: :hugs:

lol...........can you believe that???.........I'm inflating again at this very moment :roflmao:..................and it hurts :wacko:

14-02-13, 20:35
Well at least it brought a smile to your face. I hope you don't suddenly take off during the night. I would lock all the windows and doors and don't venture outdoors xxx :):)

14-02-13, 20:39
Ricardo.........you're the best therapy I could have tonight :D

I hope you don't suddenly take off during the night. I would lock all the windows and doors and don't venture outdoors xxx

:roflmao::roflmao:..........look this is just no good is it??? I'm laughing my head off and it's going to be sending my blood pressure up :roflmao: :hugs: xxx

14-02-13, 21:02
I had one recently Moosie and took it off inbetween readings as it was driving me mad lol

14-02-13, 21:07
Thanks Nic, I think I may well have to do that soon, it's really making me arm sore :hugs:

14-02-13, 21:14
Just keep an eye on the time and put it back on a minute or so before it is due lol

You still have the night shift to do yet haha

14-02-13, 21:16
Thanks Nic.........that's it you have your little giggle lol :D.........I might be really naughty and fix it on my partner while he sleeps......he won't notice....he doesn't notice anything :roflmao: :roflmao:

14-02-13, 21:54

I had one fitted last month and it was really uncomfortable! It was just as you describe it and at one point inflated so tightly I got little sort of pin prick red spots on my hand! I wasn't a very good patient though and had panic attack and took it off :blush:

In hindsight I should've done what Nicola did. Hope you get a half decent nights sleep. Xx

15-02-13, 01:08
Never had one, but I find having my blood pressure taken can be uncomfortable, couldn't imagine having to put up with it every half an hour!
I bet you'll be glad when it's over.
It's normal of it hurts a bit, makes your hand and arm numb, I know I can be rather prone to mild cramping as well :)
Don't worry it's no where near tight enough to cut off blood flow even though it feels tight , but it can press on the nerves giving you numbness .
They are fitted with a censor so it won't ever over inflate.

It's a good test, as often your anxiety can be higher when your own doctor checks your blood pressure.
I hope you can get some sleep x

Daisy Sue
15-02-13, 01:17
I've not had the BP monitor, but I do have a BP machine at home, which I will use if I don't feel good, just to check..

Sometimes if I get a weird reading, I will sit & calm myself for a few minutes, then press the button to redo the reading - the 2nd time the arm cuff always goes tighter, and I always regret not taking it off in between the 2 readings - it seems as if the cuff doesn't completely deflate after it's done, and some of the air stays.. thus making it tighter the next time...

I don't know if that made any sense lol, but it's 1.15am and I can't think of a better way to word it right now. :D

15-02-13, 12:53
Thank you everyone :) :flowers:

Oh what a night I had :mad:

Each and every time that thing inflated, my arm was getting more and more painful, in the end the pain of the damn thing inflating was making me feel physically sick, a couple of times I really thought I was going to actually be sick :blink: and, very strangely enough, it was inducing panic in me.........I soon dealt with it, but I can only think that it was the pain that was inducing the panicy feelings:unsure:

The things off of me now, thank goodness :D and, to be honest, I don't think it's something I'd want to have again. My arm is bruised and badly marked today, I just don't get why the cuff needs to be that tight:unsure:

15-02-13, 12:55
Did you unwrap it and wrap it back up again each time?

Usually they get tight if they are not on properly.

Glad it is all over with now though

15-02-13, 13:13
No, I hadn't taken it off at all Nic, that was exactly how the nurse had put it on me.

Yep it's over with now :D

15-02-13, 13:40
ahh see i took mine off as you know and wrapped it back up each time and it worked ok

15-02-13, 13:49
Sounds like a wonderful invention,Auntie. :ohmy:

15-02-13, 15:03
Ricardo yep! brilliant invention :wacko:.......oh I had so much fun......NOT!!! :scared15:......well anyway, that's one Valentines Day I wont be forgetting in a hurry.......but not for pleasure........for pain :roflmao:

21-03-13, 04:49
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