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21-02-13, 00:03
Snap on desk bin
It gives your desk an extra room for glasses. You can also use it to store small items or just to throw garbage in.
I made it myself, so please keep in mind that it's not a factory-perfect shape. :shrug:

21-02-13, 00:19
I am kind of speechless :whistles:

Daisy Sue
21-02-13, 01:00
:zipit: I'm being really good :noangel:

Erm, hi Mr Wireshield :)

21-02-13, 01:03
:ohmy: I like it just need to build a desk for it to go on:shades:

I like the other video the kitchen tidy

23-02-13, 13:51
Thank you for all your replies. I was worried that somebody wouldn't like the idea. :bighug1:

23-02-13, 14:07
Hi wireshield.

Having an inventive mind like you have is a good thing..:)

Look at it this way if some was to say they did not like your idea that is not a bad thing but what you would ask is why and then that would help you improve what you have made.

You Carry on and one day what you have invented will be in all the shops...:winks:

23-02-13, 14:56
:)Well done.I liked the Kitchen Tidy too.
I don't think anyone intended to be rude ,but when you posted,it seemed an odd way of introducing yourself on an Anxiety Forum.
Welcome to NMP wireshield :welcome:
Its good to have interests and hobbies especially doing something creative.:yesyes:

14-03-13, 02:18
Hi xtremx and clarisse. Thank you for your replies. Clarisse, I don't have an anxiety. I just a different response to events that require immidiate attention. :ohmy:

Friends, things that are unique about me. I don't understand concept of time. I don't say buy to people. I begin speaking in a middle of somebody's else sentence because I think that my thought are more important.
And I am handsome. Ok. I think this time I introduced myself in a nice way.
Oh, and i see vivid dreams (like all the time).