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09-09-06, 11:42
Just wondered how many others have to take medication to help keep them calm? I cant even go to the dentist unless I take Diazepam and even then I wont let them actually put anything in my mouth to look at my teeth

I was due to have teeth out last year and they gave me a big dose of Diazepam to take and were astounded when I was wide awake still because of the adrenalin in my body. In the end I had to go private, had a stronger sedative and then also had to be sedated by drip whilst I had my teeth worked on! I can highly recommend it though - and will continue to always have it done that way - and you feeling so calm for hours afterwards!

Anyone else been through similar?


10-09-06, 21:31
Anyone else tried it?


11-09-06, 16:46
I can well believe it. I had a diazapam pill in the cupboard from 2 yrs back, when i was given them for pmt. Stopped taking them couple of yrs back & just had that one left. I was having a particularly hard time a few months back with health anxiety, a particulaly stubborn symptom just wouldnt go away, and im talking for months. Drinking alcohol intensified the symptom so that wasnt even any good. Anyway, i took the pill, out of sheer desperation. And within half an hour the calm that swept over me was amazing & the symptom went & i havent had it since! Those Diazapams are the best! Havent got anymore so im hoping i dont get that bad again. But they certainly can break the bad cycle for me by the looks of it.
c x

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