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lisa smith
09-09-06, 14:32
i promised to take my 5 year old son to the fairground today, which is about 15 minutes away from my home. i have to take my partner with me, as i dont think i could go alone. i feel alot safer if iam with another adult.

09-09-06, 15:05
Welcome Lisa - you are not alone with this hun.

If someone else can come with you then I would go. At least you get out and that helps to keep the agoraphobia at lower level, so keep doing this if you can.

Love Piglet x

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09-09-06, 15:59
been there its ok to need another adult with you and if you've got someone who will go with you then go


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09-09-06, 19:07
i know the feeling its like a safe person right? but as yrs go by i learned i was my safe person still find it hard but it can be done and u will too one best to ya,,,,,,,,,,Linda[8D]

10-09-06, 07:57
Hi Lisa, Im the same when going places like that. Do you find it hard to go places like that alone without your son?


10-09-06, 11:30

Go with whoever is available and that is fine right now but try to wander off when you are there for a few minutes so you get used to not having someone right by your side all the time. As the days and weeks pass you need to work on extending where you go alone or at least going with someone but splitting up and meeting up again in 30mins and increasing that gap.

Good luck


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11-09-06, 09:54
Hi I have the same problem.I havent been out alone for about a month,and suddenly today Im stuck at home alone and im really anxious.
I have been to the shops with my fiance and managed to wander of on my own,so long as I know hes near by.I think Meg is right,if you just try and wander of a little,maybe keep your partner insite.
All the best.

Ellen XX

11-09-06, 12:41

I can relate to this, in the last 6 years i have only been out about 5 times on my own, either with a adult or now i can go with my daughter whos 15.

take care suzanne

s shaw

11-09-06, 13:22
I feel like that too, needing an adult with me to go out. I did go out alone today and it was hard but if you feel you need someone with you thats fine, just getting out is a good step in the right direction.

All the best

Mandy xx

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19-09-06, 13:29
I am the same I don't go if my partner is not with me,since all my family turned their back on me he is the only person I trust.He is always there and he see's if its getting too much and he is so much bigger than me that sometimes I just hide behind him to catch my breath.
take care Dawn

02-11-06, 04:05
hi lisa ....i too have a 5 year old daughter . I'm not independent either so you're not alone. If i wanna go places i have to have someone with me . It makes me feel alot better ..... which sucks cause i am a parent .