View Full Version : When your ESA runs out!

06-03-13, 02:37
I know that we shouldn't really talk about ESA here and I am sorry but I don't know where to ask and there must be other people here who are going thru or who will be going through it.

I am told that my ESA runs out in August of this year. I live on my own and that's my only income! What will happen, does anyone know?


06-03-13, 10:06
Not really sure but I think it depends which group you are in. Working group or support group.

06-03-13, 10:12
If you're on contribution based ESA and are in the Work Related Activity Group you only get ESA for 12 months. It's ridiculous, it basically means because you've kept you're national insurance stamps upto date you get punished for it. I really don't know how or why they made this decision. They must think because we worked, therefore paid stamps, we have a stash of money somewhere.

I was first put in te Work Related Activity Group but on appeal I was put in the Support Group. There is no set period of time for support group based ESA.

I would suggest logging onto benefitsandwork.com and see if you meet any of the qualifying descriptors for the support group, If you do reapply for ESA. I'm not sure if you can get Job Seekers Allowance after they stop your ESA as you can only claim that for a set period if youre contribution based, so if they take into account time on ESA you won't get ESA if they don't you'll get JSA.

I'd definitely make an an appointment at the Welfare Rights or Citizens Advice so you know exactly where you stand.