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11-09-06, 09:46
Hello,Im having a bad moment!!Iv been going through a bad month,havent been alone since my last major panic attack about a month ago.My parents are due back from Devon about 11.00 this morning.My fiance has been staying at my house all week,kinda baby sitting me.He has had to go back to work this morning.I have kept busy since about 6.00am. I dedided to come on the forum and catch up about 10 min ago and all of a sudden realised Im on my own after a month and a feeling of panic came over me.Iv managed to control it so far,but Im getting those horrid thoughts wooshing through my head.Iv had such a good week becuase we have been so busy,and now I have time to think I suddenly feel anxious.
Suddenly think my parents are driving something could happen to them,my fiance is driving a van something could happen to him.Its horrid!!!!:(

Ellen XX

11-09-06, 09:50
Hi Ellen,

God isnt it awful the thoughts we have. Stay on the forum and read some posts to keep your mind occupied and before you know it your parents will be walking in through the door. I always find if I'm occupied i have what I call normal thoughts.

Take Care


11-09-06, 17:26
Thank you Mandy.All turned out ok.:D

Ellen XX