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08-03-13, 11:27
Hi, currently on 40mg of clomipramine and feel like im in the movie "I am legend"due to the fact im on this traditional med - even chemist have to order in

Any surely im not only one in world on this med?

Any feedback would be great:)

Kind regards,

08-03-13, 11:33
Hi Paul, is it helping you tho? X x

08-03-13, 11:49
I was given Clomipramine but unfortunatly it made my condition much worse.

I hope it does it's thing for you, I know it's not so widely prescribed now being one of the older type tricyclic anti d's but I am sure they still have their place in the treatment of anxiety/depression today. What is heaven for one is hell for another (or so they say!)

Best of luck with it. Kitti :)

08-03-13, 11:54
I spent seven years on it Paul, coming off in 2009. It worked pretty well for me but when my circumstances became more difficult I felt it wasn't really doing enough and I couldn't up my dose because the side effects became too severe. Tricyclics definitely still have their place - good luck.

08-03-13, 19:54
Thanks for the feedback Nicola,Kitti & Jane:hugs:

The jury is still out on this one Nicola:shrug:

13-03-13, 20:23
Hi Jane,

I meant to ask, what were your side effects with clomip(fi you dont mind me asking:blush:)

Paul x

21-03-13, 08:21
Hi Paul New on this med, was wondering if you are still on it & how you are doing. I have been on it 8 days now & feel very dizzy,light headed, nausea's, shaky, any of these things ring a bell with you. Have gone from 20mg to 50mg & doc wants me to go higher, anyone out there on a higher dose who could give me some info?

21-03-13, 08:43
Sorry Paul, I hadn't seen you post. The only thing I can really remember is extreme sedation - ie I slept for a week and got up feeling like a new person, agoraphobia gone. Hope you are doing ok.

Stormy, sorry, I didn't have any of those side effects but they do sound like things other people on here have described. Can't help you on bigger doses either, I never successfully got past 45mg x