View Full Version : What does a ECG test for?

11-03-13, 03:40
I have had 2 ECG and both time come back normal.
I have had a look online and don't really know what they test for.
What I do know is they test for the beats but that's it!

Any help?


11-03-13, 06:40
If they are both normal stop worrying. They test the function of your heart and anything abnormal will show up. Your all good!

11-03-13, 12:32
As a nurse I gave hundreds of these to patients and learnt to read the outcomes.

They are very very normal tests. They show the pattern of the heart beat. It's an electrical process that makes our heart beat. An ECG can show the pattern of our heart beats and can show if there are any abnormalities. They are great tests and yes as ewood79 says, if they are normal, do stop worrying. They are a very very accurate test!

11-03-13, 13:23
Hey to the both of you
Thanks for the reply
Ah ok this has at least put my mind to rest I mean 2 test can't be wrong

Thanks for the help


11-03-13, 14:15
2 tests can't be wrong no. Maybe people with anxiety or health anxiety end up having lots of ECGs. I started having heart palpatations at the start of this year so I found my way on a hospital bed having ECG's just to check. But everything was fine and I knew that because not only the doctor told me, but I had a look at the results myself.

27-01-14, 18:49
Thank you steveo for this reply. It calmed me down!
Professional opinion is the best :)