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16-03-13, 09:49
I would love to hear from someone who has anxiety and has been through IVF.. any advice? tips?

many thanks



17-03-13, 11:09
I'd be interested to know too. I've been putting off fertility treatment because I don't think I could cope with the stress :(

little wren
17-03-13, 11:12
I'd be interested to hear too x

17-03-13, 12:10

little wren and lilharry I know I created this post but I've already done one cycle of IVF and am looking for advice and support from someone else who has been through it. If either of you need any help or advice please ask (I am, a font of knowledge on the whole process unfortunately).

Space xxx

17-03-13, 22:45
Oh wow, that would be really helpful spacebunny! We have been trying to concieve on and off for a couple of years. I'm not that worried about it because I have a pregnancy phobia, so it's actually a relief every month I get a BFN, but it's also sad because I really want a family and I feel like I'm running out of time (I'm 33). I have been referred to fertililty specialists, but I keep putting off making an appointment because I'm worried about what might be wrong with me and all the things I'll have to go through to get a baby. I don't think I could cope with the stress of having to try that hard for a baby, but at the same time, I can't imagine not ever having a family. I don't think I could handle taking fertility drugs - I have a drug phobia too and only take things that are predictable and don't mess with your emotions. Do you have any words of wisdom?

little wren
19-03-13, 09:03
That is really kind thanks space - Ive sent you a pm.

little wren x

01-04-13, 21:11
Hi I have been through a successful cycle of IVF and four IUIs. Hypnosis did it for me. PM if you want any further advice. I had my IVF at Barts in 1997.EJ

19-08-13, 02:30

Anyone still around? How are you's getting on?

Weve been trying for 3 years, been through lots of tests, & have male factor infertility,

We have our first iui consultation in two weeks, it's 40 mile away, I haven't been that far in 11 years, im terrified


03-03-16, 14:09
Remember, anxiety doesn’t completely affect pregnancy through fertility treatment. Even I have an IVF treatment in 2014 at hospital whose detail present at ilexmedical.com and gave birth to healthy kid. Though some complexities like stress, anxiety or other health issues had occurred, but that was overcame by doctor through medicine. Don’t be over possessive, keep a head calm and be positive about the result.

05-07-16, 11:47
Hi there,
I don't know if this thread is still active?
I suffer from anxiety and am currently having fertility treatment (ovulation induction).
It's been a very difficult journey and I am struggling with it alot.
I am on fertility forums, but noone talks that much about the anxiety side... not in the way of someone living with a day-to-day anxiety disorder! People are anxious about the treatment and the outcome... but not to the same detail that I go into over and over and over in my head!
Hopefully there is someone still out there that is going through the same & knows what I mean?