View Full Version : who likes hot spicy indian food ?

23-03-13, 19:57
I like yeaa and can cook for those who like it. curry , chicken masala , fried rice , maggi noodles with mashroom cabbage n spices , dal makhni , roti(made of wheat flour like pizza base but very nutrious :)

24-03-13, 20:46
just been for a indian, it was lovely

Carly Lou
24-03-13, 20:50
Oh gosh i absoloutly hate anything that burns your mouth when you eat it haha....
il never understand that lol.... and then if i do end up attempting to try something hot my partner has made... i end up grabbing the first drink near by which always ends up being something fizzy and its even worse...
so.... ummm no i dont like hot spicey food haha xxx

24-03-13, 21:12
a realy good indian dosnt burn its flavour rather then heat.

25-03-13, 22:56
hey buddies ty for noticing it :)
mrs no buudy :D
lou :roflmao:
its not that much burning ... good indian food is that it makes presence felt in mouth and u cant stop eating .... hope we will have a self cooked meal togather :winks: