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25-03-13, 11:12
Hi all, I'm just sooo sad and feel vile! I've always wanted a baby BUT since I'm a relatively new sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, I've always been trepidatious about another baby + tooing & frowing over MY career which itself has been somewhat ruined my the start of GAD!!!!

Wasn't going to post about this to be honest as only one person knows I'm pregnant (my brother) at the moment BUT I'm just sooo teary and sunken today! My cars been out of order all last wk, then we had snow and I managed with the help of hubby, a good friend & my brother to cover my daughters school run + I only found out last Monday about my pregnancy! So still waiting for my mechanic to tell me when he's coming to sort car today & this morning got a cab to daughters school and it was the warmest, stuffiest low ceiling taxi, I'd ever been in! The window when I opened it was making an horrendous loud noise! Like it was about to fall out. I felt very off and was gripping the front head rest and when me and my little boy got out at home, I was shaken and upset! It's less than a mile & was like 10 minutes of torture!

I feel quite evil and angry at myself for moaning about being pregnant (quite selfish when I know someone who's been trying everything to conceive for many years) & I'm worried sick I might loose the baby BUT then weirdly worried about the pregnancy and tears and sunken and I feel quite sick and nothing tastes the same & no energy! Scared of having a migraine, scared of fainting even more than ever - just scared to death to be honest then, scared the worry might affect baby?

Ahhhh gosh just don't know what to eat, what to do to take mind of feeling down in dumps. can't shake this feeling AT ALL!

Anyone else like this, Im really at a loss over how I feel!:weep::weep::weep:

25-03-13, 11:20
Awww Col you will be fine, it is probably just your body getting used to the pregnancy and then the worry on top is taking its toll on you. Once your car is back on the road and the snow has cleared you won't feel as trapped and stuck.

25-03-13, 11:26
Thanks Becky, I just feel sooo upset today soooo upset I was up at the crack of dawn starring at the bedroom ceiling! I know I think not having my car is making it worse, I just can't shake it off, I've just as I've written this managed to have a little bit of cake & I normally I'd eat it no problem, love cake absolutly love it! Just hoping this will pass, I just feel so sad and fragile, if someone shouted I feel I'd crack.

:hugs:to you too XXXX

25-03-13, 11:33
Congratulations Col :)

I second what Bekzie said! And as one of the resident Midwives, you are more than welcome to PM me any time with any questions or whatever.

Eating wise - maybe try nibbling on some ginger biscuits? bit of sugar plus ginger is anti-sickness.

You've done this before and you can do it again :)

25-03-13, 11:35
I know in the early stages of my pregnancies I have felt really tearful and sad, but it soon passed. Maybe its your hormones running wild making you feel this way. Are you having morning sickness? That may be why you don't feel like eating. You will be fine Col, I'm always around if you need to chat :hugs: xxx

25-03-13, 11:42
:hugs: Col and congratulations on the pregnancy news, I understand it may not be the best timing and you feel crap but sometimes these things just happen and it turns out for the best. I had GAD when I fell pregnant with my son, luckily I had an easy pregnancy with no nausea and although tired and worried about how I'd cope it was the turning point in my recovery. During the pregnancy and for 2 years after I had no panic or anxiety, pregnancy hormones are powerful and for me the focus of a new baby kept the anxiety away.

Your life sure doesn't sound too easy right now, things will get better. And it's OK to feel sad and fragile, you've got a lot on your plate and what you're feeling will pass, it always does.
Love Sam

25-03-13, 12:05
Congratulations on the pregnancy and sending you big hugs :bighug1::bighug1::bighug1: xx

25-03-13, 14:48
:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: to Becs, potatoe, tufty and Annie. Thanks for all your advice and support, really appreciated! Just needed to vent, I've held it to myself all week & just felt really awful this morning and most of the day. I know I've done it before BUT that doesn't make it feel any less scary, but yes it might make my anxiety sharpen it's act up, as I can't just think about me, me,me all the time. I'm sure it will pass But just think I needed reassurance and to get it off my chest! Thank you all XXXX

29-03-13, 23:21
Hey there
Today I just found out that im pregnant too. Im a wreck and like you i feel bad for feeling like this. I have had 2 healthy babies before but keep hearing things going wrong and I have such health anxiety i feel such a mess.

30-03-13, 14:47
Ahhhh bab I've been in bed since Thursday with sickness - feel dread now also. I'm sending you heaps & heaps & heaps of :hugs:

I know I still can't believe it, I feel **** every time I hear an ambulance I think they'll be coming for me soon , somethings gonna go wrong , everything now smells & tastes awful - gosh! Deep down & once I get my baby in my arms I know I'll be over the moon but I will say this is it - 3 is enough & I never want to go through this immense fear , worry & sickness ever again!

Pm me anytime & congratulations X

30-03-13, 15:00
Awww Col..sending you more hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs: Hopefully once you get over the first 3 months when the sickness is worst you will start to feel better and be able to enjoy the pregnancy more. Like you say once you get the baby in your arms :) You just have to keep thinking ahead to that time. xxx

31-03-13, 21:38
Col - this will be your 3rd too? I just cant see it happening. I am in such a state - years ago someone told me they could se me with 2 boys - which I have and now I feel im tempting fate by having another

02-04-13, 16:58
Hello Col, hope you're having a good day. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I feel for you I really do. At the moment I'm really wanting to have a 2nd child but the thing that's holding me back is the worry of feeling like you do now and how I'd cope. (I hope that doesnt sound harsh.) I feel so anxious about being a mum again although I had a good first pregnancy/birth. I'm not sure if I'll cope mentally again though and that is something that worries me.
Like others have said in their replies; you will start to feel better. In the 2nd trimester with my little girl I felt great and my anxiety levels were the best they'd ever been. Things will get better I promise!

PM anytime!

05-04-13, 18:31
Ahh guys thanks ever so much. I've been in bed severe nausea for over a week & sick so feel dread. Tisa absolutly get what you mean because I've always fancied having just one more baby & have been put off as you are for obvious reasons ....... Thing is this baby was unplanned, so although completely wanted it wasn't planned so to speak at this moment in time! So im really having to grin and bare this & take one day at a time. I know I'm ever so lucky & feel bad feeling so glum but I think that's because I'm unwell?

Take care xxxxxx

05-04-13, 18:46
There is nothing worse than feeling sick Col and this is bound to get you down. Hopefully the sickness will pass soon. When is baby due? :hugs:

07-04-13, 14:26
Hi Annie, yes the constant nausea funny taste & aversion to foods I normally love is getting me seriously upset. I'm due in November I've got doctors & midwife next week & dreading it as clinical environments get me anxious & I can't afford to loose it at this moment in time! Gosh this is it - no more babies. I know I'll be sooooo happy when it's born &. All over - its getting to that point it's sooo scarey despite doing it twice before it doesn't make me feel any more better or confidant!

:hugs: thanks Annie xxxx

07-04-13, 14:35
I think by the time I got to my third I was more scared than with the first! You are right though once you get the baby in your arms it will have all been worthwhile.
I hope your appointments go well. I don't like clinical environments either. I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday and dreading it!! :hugs: x

15-04-13, 18:19

I have bad ectopic heartbeats, which got 20 time worse in pregnancy (which is normal) so I understand how it feels to be anxious. I spent most of my pregnancy feeling stressed etc, but am now the proud mummy to a 10 month old ball of joy. It is hard, and unfortunatly not much I or anyone else can say will change that, but you will get through it and come through smiling. I just wanted to send you hugs and let you know others have been there. Lxx