View Full Version : Taken Seroxat Intermittently - Now Back On It

25-03-13, 23:08
I've just gone back on seroxat after taking it intermittently. I had several problems with the GP Surgery where I reordered my pills and was not given the prescription through clerical errors - resulting in the pretty awful withdrawal symptoms on several occasions.

I decided (ridiculously) to only take the pills when I felt the onset of withdrawal. That way a month's pills could last me 3 months. I was chastised for it by the GP - quite rightly - but I didn't change things.

I've had to return very seriously to seroxat because of a return of situationally caused depression - and a very deep one at that. I therefore started to take the meds properly about 30 days ago. My GP said (when I saw him last week) that I should give them a further 2 - 3 weeks - and I am to then see him again. He's referred me for counselling too. I'm on 30mg of seroxat (have been for a good long time) and I'm JUST starting to emerge from the utter despair and doom of the first couple of weeks. The doctor said he'd look at increasing to 40mg if things aren't better when I see him next. I have absolutely no problem with that. Whatever will let me be free of this black dog is ok by me.

For the first time today I haven't had anxiety - and have felt that though my depression isn't yet 'in another room' - the feeling Ive had in the past when the pills were working well - that it has at least moved to the far end of the room I'm in - and is no longer screaming in my ear.

I wondered if anyone else has accounts of going back on to seroxat - after taking it intermittently (like I stupidly did) and how they have coped.

27-03-13, 21:14
Day 33 and the seroxat has pretty much fully kicked in. My anxiety has all but gone - I do not wake up in a panic - am sleeping like a baby and can think properly - with a proper critical approach to problems and anxieties, rather than seeing it all as insurmountable. It's always been a good medicine for me - and that continues to be the case - it really does work - although the first couple of weeks were very tough.