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26-03-13, 12:07
So I'm finally having my ECG and blood tests tomorrow at the doctors which I've waited months and months for due to various incompetent doctors at another surgery. My anxiety is on a high today my chest feels tight I'm getting hot flashes feeling dizzy and endless palpatations I've been told I have a heart murmur so I'm absolutely petrified the ECG will show up abnormal/something wrong. I know blood tests take nearly a week to come back so i have an app with the doctor for the week after but Will they tell me the results straight away on ECG or keep me waiting even though there might be something wrong? I'm having a 24 hour monitor next week and have an app for cardiologist at hospital on the 13th April I'm just so scared! Has anyone else been through this????

26-03-13, 12:11
When I had an ECG they printed the results off, showed a doctor then told me if it was fine or not :) try not to worry, I am also going to request a 24 hour hater monitor as I worry about my heart all the time! Hopefully the results of these tests will out your mind at ease hope you feel better soon x x

26-03-13, 12:26
Hey izzie yeah she said if the ECG doesn't show anything then ill get a holter monitor. She also said thatECGs sometimes don't show up underlying things like heart disease etc so I think she's being extra precautions cuz she heard a murmur. I just want the next couple of weeks to go quickly so I can get sorted at the hospital it's horrible having to wait!! Thanks I hope you do aswell have u still been struggling then?

26-03-13, 12:55
That's good that she is being precautious! Yes still worrying like crazy :(

26-03-13, 15:02
Yeah i know if they dont do anything i worry but now they are trying to investigate im still worrying about them finding anything! God i really hate feeling like this its horrible! Are you still getting the same symptoms as before?? Chest pains etc? x

26-03-13, 19:58
good luck for tomorrow. let us know how you get on:hugs:

27-03-13, 00:45
How did it go? Let us know. I have my ECG booked for next week.

I asked my doctor today about an exercise ECG after the resting one, and he said he really thought it was very unlikely that someone my age (34yo woman) would have heart disease and that exercise ECGs can give false positive results, and this can then lead to invasive tests like having something injected into an artery - which wasn't without risk. Or something. So he advised against a referral to a cardiologist and an exercise ECG. I was wondering what others have been told by their doctors if they've asked for exercise ECGs??

Should I just be content with a resting one?

27-03-13, 10:45
Hey guys just come back from bloods and ECG. I'm not the most confident with blood tests and my heart was racing cuz I was so nervous so she said to do the ECG first but cuz I was so nervous it was unreadable because it was racing so had blood first then calmed down a bit. My resting heart rate was 100 which is still high but I was still a big on edge. I didn't get any results straight away as she has to show the doctor but she said they'd call if it was urgent so obviously my anxiety is now sky high and I'm just waiting for that dreaded call :( have an app with the doc next week to go through results and have a monitor fitted for 24 hours. She really worried me though cuz she said of my heart rate ever gets over 110 and I get chest pains and breathlessness etc I shouldn't wait and should go straight to a and e!! If I did that I'd be going every day haha. Anyway when I got home and completely calmed down I timed my pulse and it ended up being 90bpm which again is still high but normal as she said between 60 and 90 is normal. Anyway just awaiting results now! I'm so scared!!! X

27-03-13, 11:49
well done for going and having the tests. but your mind at rest that if there was a problem they would of phoned you back asap. ive been through this myself so i do know how you are feeling. keep link going and update it with results etc. it sometimes helps

03-04-13, 10:15
Hey! Had my results today. My blood tests are all fine, they literally checked everything and there's nothing! ECG results show that I have tachycardia but I already knew I had that because my heart rate is generally quite fast. She said there's nothing underlying or untoward going on but sometimes ECG doesn't show 100% accurate results if ur not having palpatations at the time of it so the hospital will arrange 24 hour monitor and an echo. It has lifted a weight off my shoulders but still feel a bit anxious as she said it sometimes doesn't pick up everything but thankful I'm having more tests and can relax now I know it's nothing serious!

04-04-13, 10:29
Ella...that's great news really. Try to celebrate it in a nice way for yourself. Maybe an afternoon out in the shops might be good!

Well done!

04-04-13, 14:08
thats great news. dont worry about the 24hr holter and eco scan they are both ok to have done. view it as it gives you piece of mind. if you need to chat about them let me know as ive had the tests this year also

04-04-13, 15:36
Thank you guys. :) ill let you know how hospital goes next weekend! Did you have the EKG done aswell mrsnobody?

04-04-13, 20:55
yes ive had every test under the sun due to ectopics and racing heart rate. iam back at cardiolgist next friday to get activity monitor resultsetc. if you ever need a chat any support etc, just let me know as i do understand what you are going through