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27-03-13, 06:47
My four and a half month kitten has gone missing. He went missing last night. Not sure what to do.EJ

blue moon
27-03-13, 06:50
So sorry EJ i do hope someone find him and be back home soon
Love Petra x:flowers:

27-03-13, 06:57
Have you searched drawers, wardrobes etc? One of ours went missing once and turned up fast asleep on a pile of jumpers in the bottom of a wardrobe a couple of days later.

27-03-13, 07:03
So sorry to hear this, my cat who i absolutely adore went missing for 2 nights last year, i was beside myself and searched everywhere including ditches :-( i eventually found him trapped in an unused garage and had to break in to Free him, have you checked your neighbours garages, sheds etc? I really hope he turns up x x

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I also rang the local vets to see if he had been brought Im and left my contact details incase he was x x

little wren
27-03-13, 07:16
Really feel for you...I remember how upset I was when my adult cat went missing years ago. I hope Bertie has turned up for his breakfast this morning.... If not...

- Firstly I would suggest checking garage and around your neighbourhood AGAIN (you never know).

- Then I would get in touch with the cat protection league in your area and notify them that your kitten is missing (in case anyone has reported a missing kitten to them).

If he still has not shown up after a day or so I would then...

- Print out a description of your kitten (picture too if can) stating when and from where he went missing - asking people to check their garages etc and if they've seen him and post it to houses in the surrounding area. I would suggest putting some of these on the lampposts as well a bit further afield.

Sometimes they just show up...perhaps he was miaowing at the wrong house last night and they've taken him in overnight.

Good luck - let us know how you get on.
little wren x

27-03-13, 07:26
I have a fear of losing my burmese cat, but I live in a flat and he stays indoors, but when I leave home with him, I am always so afraid he will get out and either get stolen or stray. Hope you find him soon.

27-03-13, 08:27
How did he get out? I'm presuming you didn't let him out as that's far too young for him to be going out. Have you searched everywhere in the house as he might be stuck somewhere. My cat Bernie went missing when he was a few months old and I searched the house and couldn't find him. I heard some meowing in the kitchen and he'd got stuck behind a unit.

I really hope you find him, I know I'd be heartbroken if one of mine went missing.

27-03-13, 10:39
So sorry this has happened EJ :hugs:on top of the above advice, keep shouting his name too xx

27-03-13, 12:14
Really sorry to hear this EJ, I hope you find him safe and well. :hugs:

Cat lady
27-03-13, 13:54
I hope he turns up soon x

27-03-13, 15:23
Update: a neighbour brought him back at lunchtime. I am so pleased to see him. He. Is sitting beside me as I type this. I have phoned the vets an he I still too young to be neutered but he can be microchipped. This happening tomorrow. Although he is a moggie cat I love him to bits. Not sure where he has been though?
A long time for a little cat to be out on his own.EJ

27-03-13, 15:29
So pleased you have him back EJ. My two are microchipped but they are indoor cats any way but I still got them chipped just in case they escape :)
I thought my little one had disappeared this morning, I was shouting for him and his little head popped out from under my bed covers..he knows how to keep warm :) xx

27-03-13, 15:32
So glad you found him. I just picked up this thread and was hoping by the time I got to the end it would be a happy ending :yahoo:! Big hugs little kitty. xx

Cat lady
27-03-13, 19:49
Glad he is safe, little tinker :)

28-03-13, 02:53
So pleased he's safe x x

blue moon
28-03-13, 05:35
Pleased to hear your pussy is home EJ:hugs:

28-03-13, 06:50
Thank you I feel very relieved that he is home. I need to make sure that he is safe. Thank you everyone for the kind and supportive remarks. EJ

little wren
28-03-13, 07:00
Just caught the update - so pleased he's home :)

28-03-13, 07:06
What a relief! Those kitties enjoy a bit of mischief...

Pip x

P.S. Bertie is a great name

28-03-13, 09:22
So glad you have had Bertie back ElizabethJane:)

28-03-13, 11:44
So pleased to hear this news. Welcome home Bertie!

Get him one of these EJ so you'll know exactly what he's been up to!!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2299948/The-secret-life-pet-revealed-Owner-develops-cat-nav-device-tracks-wandering-felines-progress-mapping-Google.html

Granny Primark
28-03-13, 15:43
:yesyes:Brill news. So very pleased for you:yesyes:

28-03-13, 19:03
He's back from the vets. One microchip under the skin in his neck. He didn't mew or struggle. He is asleep on the back of the sofa and purring loudly. He has also eaten lots of food! He tried to use his litter tray for no 2s yesterday but mewed and nothing came out! Today everything is back to normal.My next door neighbour said that he had tried to get in to Victorias house while she was changing the baby! she thought Bertie was Poppy and my neighbour brought him back to me. He is a very sleepy boy now. Wondering whether to buy him a doughnut (cat sleeping aid) He is big enough now. Also booked him in for his neutering 6th May. I hope that he can stay out of trouble until then.EJ

28-03-13, 19:06
Only just seen this thread. So pleased Bertie is back, it is horrible when one of your pets goes missing. :flowers:

28-03-13, 20:10
Good news EJ. I always thought neutering was done around 6 months but our Philip is also four and a half months and is going in on Monday. He'll be getting microchipped too. Neither of mine will keep a collar on these days. I think little Phil must have shown Tigger how to take them off as we never had any bother with him before lol xx

31-03-13, 18:00
Update: Bertie has gone missing again. He slipped out at lunchtime and has been missing again for about three hours. I hope that he comes home. EJ

31-03-13, 18:03
Oh no EJ what a naughty little kittie...I hope he comes back soon. At least he has the microchip in now and I am sure he we come back. xx

31-03-13, 18:13
Hope he's back soon EJ, Philip disappeared for hours the other day but eventually turned up. They're very bold kittens xxx

31-03-13, 22:46
He is back. He was hiding in the house all the time. Naughty kitten.EJ

31-03-13, 22:47
Pleased he is back again :) xx