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02-04-13, 20:56
Have had about a year of gastro problems, last summer had two hyperplastic polys removed after a sigmodoscopy, but have ongoing problems, pain, loss of hunger, though now they think it might be hypersensitive bowel (although I still bleed and have pain and constipation), so a full colonoscopy is on the way..anyway, got the go ahead to have endoscopy and had it today, and the exit report said that whole upper gastro-intestinal tract was normal, (phew), but they've taken x5 biopsy just below the stomach into the duoduem, and am just freaking out a bit, would they do this normally, or would they do this because they think coeliac or something else? Thanks

02-04-13, 21:42
Yes it is normal

Every time I have a sigmoidoscopy they take biopsies.

03-04-13, 04:25
Totally normal - it's part of the procedure and nothing worry about :)

03-04-13, 10:34
Thank you! Has put my mind at rest