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02-04-13, 22:16
Thank you for all of the entries in the Easter egg hunt competition. :D

There were six members who came up with the correct answers and are now in the running for the 10 NMP online shop voucher, these members (in alphabetical order) are....

Cat Lady

To come up with a winner we are asking the members of NMP to vote, we have given each of the winners a random letter (A-F)

The member with the most votes when the poll closes wins!

The poll will close in one week on the 9th April

The Members are NOT in the order above, The letter selection was completely Random.

Good luck to all :yesyes:

The positions of the Easter eggs are as follows.....

No More Panic > Welcome > Welcome to the NoMorePanic Forum > Admins/Chat room moderators > NMP Administrators

No More Panic > Welcome > NoMorePanic Meet-ups and Get-togethers > No Panic Sheffield Group

No More Panic > Welcome > No More Panic Online Shop > Fundraising for NMP - use this link to shop online

No More Panic > Welcome > Welcome to the NoMorePanic Forum > Welcome

No More Panic > Problems / Issues > Health Anxiety > "Dr google will see you now!!!"

No More Panic > Problems / Issues > O.C.D. > Better Help for OCD Sufferers

No More Panic > Fun/Games/Chat room > Chat Room > Chat Room Tech Support

No More Panic > Remedies/Therapy/Success > Medication > Medication is not a total cure - please read!

No More Panic > Problems / Issues > Phobias > Emetophobia/ Fear of being sick

No More Panic > Panic Pause/Humour/Games & Quizzes > NMP Daily Quiz - just for fun!

02-04-13, 22:28
Good luck to all :D

03-04-13, 00:41
Meee tooooo, good luck to all. Great job, I couldn't even find 1. :hugs:

03-04-13, 00:57
A big thanks to Emmz for organising this and good luck to everyone

03-04-13, 01:06
You are welcome and thank you for letting me take over your website to hide lots of eggs :D

The only downside is that in a couple of weeks I am going to have to find them all again to remove them.

03-04-13, 12:08
I just voted... although I probably just voted for someone else and not me haha!

03-04-13, 16:06
voted good luck and well done x

03-04-13, 23:57
I just voted... although I probably just voted for someone else and not me haha!
LOL!! Same here steveo!! :roflmao:

04-04-13, 09:11
Paragraph 4 in section 21 of the NMP rules does not allow any member to vote for themselves :)

04-04-13, 09:17
Good luck to you all,I've posted my result.well done on finding more than I did.xx

04-04-13, 09:21
what happens if there is a draw in votes? can we have a sing off?

04-04-13, 14:10
voted good luck to everyone and well done for findings the eggs.

04-04-13, 17:58

04-04-13, 18:00
Why is Member B in Italics? Is this subliminal? Lol :)

ummm it's not in itallics lol

04-04-13, 18:03
Oh... I realise why it's in italics...... ignore that... Oooppps haha

04-04-13, 20:22
I wondered why one of them was in italics and then I realised it's the one you've voted for. Steven - you've given away your preference now :winks:


04-04-13, 20:38
:D When Stephen said it, I was thinking what is he talking about, one is in italics but it isn't that one lol

04-04-13, 20:58
Haha!! What a silly sausage I am!! To top it off... I'm probably voting for someone else haha.

07-04-13, 13:11

Cat lady
07-04-13, 17:46
Ive just voted, good luck to us all, :D

08-04-13, 19:05

08-04-13, 19:29
1 day left!! Come on everyone and vote for me :) No idea which one I am but vote for me anyway haha :)

08-04-13, 19:36
1 day left!! Come on everyone and vote for me :) No idea which one I am but vote for me anyway haha :)

:roflmao: Good luck :winks: to you...and all the others too :D

09-04-13, 17:02
4 hours left to vote....

we have a draw at the minute so we need more votes :)

09-04-13, 17:04
Good luck all :)

09-04-13, 21:58
So the Poll is now closed and we have a winner :yesyes:

With 23% of the vote the winner is Member C:yahoo:

The members corresponding letters are as follows..


Sooooooooooo a big congratulations to the Winner Ricardo:yahoo:

I would just like to say a big thank you and well done to all of the other entries, I enjoyed setting up and running the competition and I hope you enjoyed taking part.

If he won Ricardo very kindly wanted to donate the prize to our very inspirational member Ddcoo......Thank you so much Ricardo a very kind gesture.

So Ddcoo will receive a 10 NMP gift voucher :hugs:

The winner will be contacted shortly

oh and Steveo I do believe you did actually manage to vote for yourself lol

09-04-13, 22:13
Well done to all and that is a lovely gesture Ricardo.

09-04-13, 23:16
haha Well Done!!

And yes it seems I did manage to vote for myself! I just thought I'm a B kinda guy!

10-04-13, 00:35
Well done to Ricardo and everyone who took part. :yesyes:

10-04-13, 08:40
Congrats Ricardo!! Thank you venusbluejeans for setting up this egg hunt. :)

10-04-13, 09:54
This is honestly the first time I have won a competition hoping someone else would benefit.

Granny Primark
11-04-13, 02:01
Many congrats!!!!:yesyes::yesyes::yesyes::yesyes: