View Full Version : Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, anyone else?

03-04-13, 18:06
I have recently been diagnosed with MS. I've just recently come out of hospital after receiving Steriod Infusion and Im happy to say that I'm now walking much better and my left side is stronger.

I'm so scared though, frightened of the uncertainty for the future and was wondering if there was anybody out there who is a member that also has been diagnosed with MS? Would like to chat.xxx

03-04-13, 20:45
Hi there, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I don't have MS myself, but I know a few people who do. You hear all sorts of scare stories but people I know who have this condition live healthy normal lives. One lady I know has had MS for over twenty years. She walks with a stick now but other than that you really wouldn't know. Do you have any support from friends, family or the medical profession? l

05-04-13, 17:59
Thanks for your message Cattia, that means a lot to me.

Before the steriod infusion I could hardly walk.

My dad has been helping me despite having to drive 30miles everyday from his home as he has commitments too, looking after his elderly mum and disabled sister. I have 2 children, so it's been difficult to cook and clean and my dad has been helping me out with that. I don't know what I'd do without him.

I'm going to be starting the medication next week to slow the process down, I hope they're successful.

Thanks for writing to me. xx

05-04-13, 19:05
So sorry to hear about that!
I personally don't have MS but my ex fiancÚ does and I was his carer for 2 years a he had it very severely. Despite that, he still leads a normal life. He walks with a cane but apart from that can do most things.
If you're ever worried about anything, give the MS society a call. They gave us so much help when we needed anything!
Sending hugs your way :hugs:

05-04-13, 20:59
How old are your children? I have two children too so I can imagine how hard that must be. Hopefully Virgo's suggestion of the MS society will help, perhaps they will be able to give you advice about what help is available to you at home.

05-04-13, 21:22
Thanks Virgo and Cattia. My children are 10yrs and 13yrs.

I worry I could lose the ability to walk again as I live on the top floor flat with no lift. Before the steriod infusion I was unable to do the smallest of tasks, like making the kids lunches for school etc. I couldn't even hold a knive and folk.

Thanks for the advice re; MS Site xx

05-04-13, 23:45
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Your dad sounds wonderful. I have a friend with MS and she has been unable to walk for about a year now, but she is now getting around with a cane and getting stronger every day. She is a positive, amazing person and leads a very full life despite her condition. When she's in remission you wouldn't know she had it. I hope you get well soon and the MS society sounds like a great place to go for support. Hugs your way xx

06-04-13, 01:01
Hi there, sorry to hear you have MS, it must be especially difficult when you have children who depend on you. My husband and several of his family have MS. They are affected to varying degrees. Feel free to PM me x

06-04-13, 17:04
Thanks for your kind replies xxx