View Full Version : mirt to duloxatine-does this sound extreme?

04-04-13, 18:27
in january i went on mirtazapine for anxiety and after four weeks going fomr 15 to 30 it worked. but i had a number of side effects that were abit unpleasand and my gp brough dose down to 15. after 4 days i had worthdrawal symptoms (flue/vomitting/panic) and went up to 30 again. I expected it just to pick up where i left off but instead i went into a deep depression with suicidal thoughts. this has been going on a bout 10 days.

yesterday i had a med review and the psychiatrist wants me to stop the mirt and go on duloxatine 60. He says that the duloxatine will pick up where the mirt left off which is why he can cut one out and come in high with the other and says i should be betteer in a week

this morning had bad usea and v dry mouth and now anxiety has returned, but to be fair i didnt expect to get off scot free. .

i hope to god that what the psych says is true but i am worried he has been a bit casual and come in a bit strong. has anyone else done this switch or one like it?

04-04-13, 18:41
Yes I've done several switches from Mirtazapine (before going back) with no problems.

However, I've only been on 15mg so it probably makes a difference.

I went from Mirt to Trazodone with only a 48 hour gap and no taper, and later from Mirt to Citalopram with a days gap too, no taper. I also went straight back on Mirt when they didn't work out.

These switches were under GPs instruction.

I had no apparent adverse effects from these changes.