View Full Version : Nortriptyline - anxious about taking it - reassurance please!

04-04-13, 23:21
My doctor has prescribed 10mg of Nortriptyline at night to help my sleep cycles, but I'm really nervous about taking it. I have a phobia of taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs after freaking out on paroxetine a number of years ago.

The doctor said that the nortriptyline isn't like that and it's a very low dosage and if I experience any side effects I can safely stop taking it. It still makes me nervous though.

Does anyone have any advice about this drug? Should I worry? Any success stories?

05-04-13, 00:36
Sorry I have never taken it but at times like that you have to trust what your doctor says, This could be the medication that works for you. Sorry I can't be of more help :welcome:

05-04-13, 01:01
Lilharry, I can understand why you are concerned but what your doc said is true - nortriptyline and paroxetine are quite different, a tricyclic and and SSRI. 10mg is indeed a tiny dose of a tricyclic, their maximum dosage can be in the 200mg range. Really you should be fine x

05-04-13, 05:16
Thank you lovelies. I know I'm being silly, but it is nice to hear some reassuring words from others :)

05-04-13, 08:13
My Dr prescribed the same for me early last year again to help with sleep patterns and it has been fine, absolutely 100% fine and effective in as much as it has helped my sleeping greatly.

The only thing I have noticed is I sometime find it harder to get up in the mornings because I actually want to carry on sleeping.

Start asap and enjoy a better night's sleep.

05-04-13, 10:49
Great, thanks James. What was your dosage?

05-04-13, 11:42
Great, thanks James. What was your dosage?


06-04-13, 16:20
Hi LilHarry. Iam on 10mg of Amitryptaline which is very similar to the drug you are on.I was prescribed this to help me sleep & it really works with no side effects,I have been on it now for 7 days I think you will be fine. Oh I am also on 100mg of Sertraline for three days before that 75mg for 5 weeks.

Good luck


09-04-13, 01:06
Thanks Strat61 - that is great to hear they are working well for you. I've actually heard nothing but good stuff so far, that's reassuring.

I went to see a naturopath the other day and she is giving me some natural stuff that should help with sleep and said I should try not to take the nortryptaline. So I'm going to hold off until I've tried the supplements, but if they don't work, I will definitely give the nortryptaline a go.

Thanks so much for your support lovelies!

30-04-13, 12:24
Have started taking half a tablet at night and its helping me fall and stay asleep. I'm too scared to take the full dosage, though my doctor says I should give myself a break and just take it! I will slowly increase the dosage. I'm so worried about side effects! But proud of myself for at least taking half - a big step for me.

03-04-14, 02:30
Wow, it was nearly a year ago since I posted this. Thought I would give an update. I got up to the 10mg of nortryptiline and it helped to get my sleep cycles back into some kind of regularity. After I had been getting a reasonable night sleep for a couple of months, I decided to come off the nortriptyline as I was very keen to be off all pharamaceuticals. I went cold turkey first off as I was on such a low dose, but I started waking up with continuous brains zaps throughout the night. So I started taking the medication again and slowly weaned myself off at a quarter of a tablet every couple of weeks until I was off it totally and still sleeping reasonbly well. I am now practicing meditation and have been working on getting my digestion sorted which has helped the anxiety and sleep greatly. Herbal tea before bed also helps to get a good nights sleep.