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07-04-13, 01:45
I haven't seen one of these on the forum and I was pretty eager to read up on someone else's day by experiences on this drug when I first wanted to start taking this. I took my first tablet ( 10mg ) last night, with the intention of upping it to 30mg and finally 50mg for a mixture of depression, anxiety ( health and mental health based ) and minor social anxiety.

Day 1

After taking my first tablet last night I felt alright, nothing too adverse apart from a pretty strange sudden nauseous feeling that came on for 10 seconds or so then died off, this happened a couple of times, little bit groggier than normal today but otherwise no different, I suppose it's a pretty low dose so now i've tested the water I'll try going up to 30 tonight.

Day 2

Moved up to 30mg last night and haven't noticed much difference, the nausea from yesterday has subsided, feel a bit drowsy on an evening but that's definitely a positive since I haven't been able to sleep for months, don't feel any different mentally but I know it's early days.

Day 3

Second day on 30mg, still not really a lot of difference, feel a bit more apathetic towards things but that could just be the depression kicking in again, still no major physical side effects and no mental improvement, feel pretty yucky today all round.

Didn't update this for a while since nothing really changed in the way of side effects and anxiety reduction. a couple of days ago however, I woke up noticing the DP/DR had pretty much gone completely, after 8 months of hell it pretty much disappeared over the course of a few days, some of the impulsive OCD thoughts have gone too, it's helped the depression a little but not to a great extent, but hopefully that will fade away if the anx goes completely. This medication has given me practically no side effects either, I felt a bit sick the first day and there's a slight libido loss lingering too but nothing compared to the problems I had before the medication.

29-07-13, 07:46
Not sure if you still check this post, but I found it useful to read your initial thoughts.
How are you getting on now?
MM x

25-10-13, 06:08
Hi, I start taking clomipramine 25mg twice a day. I took the first pill just now.
Are you both still on clomipramine? How are you feeling now?
Nice post Ferry1995! :)
I will do like you and post here my clomipramine diary ;)

Day one
I took the pill minutes ago and until now I feel nothing...
I will return later...

PS: my problem is panic attacks for 14 years and a lot of anxiety that sometimes makes me breathless. The medications that worked best for me was mutabom and cipralex. The last medication I took was citalopram, but with little effect. Now I'm trying clomipramine 25mg. Xanax always in SOS.

29-10-13, 13:23
Hi there,
I started tofranil (which I believe is almost the same as clomipramine) 6 days ago in conjunction with my citalapram. I've been on so many meds for the past 15 years, only to have them poop out on me. So rather than increasing my citalopram, my new pdoc added the 10mg of tofranil to take at night. I'm supposed to go up to 20 on friday.
How are you feeling?
I don't think I have much to report yet myself, I think i'm having side effects, but on the other hand, I think I am causing them myself from too much reading about the side effects...lol.
So, just curious to see how your getting on since it seems not many are on TCA's anymore.