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louise hamilton
07-04-13, 22:59
Hi everyone

I went for an echo about 3 weeks ago and I have received a letter to go and see the consultant I'm do worried I have a heart murmur and have been getting palps but I'm a very anxious person I also have a thyroid problem

Is it normal to get a follow up from the consultant I'm do worried incase I die

Please help

07-04-13, 23:01
its normal to get a follow up appt, ive got mine coming up on this friday.

07-04-13, 23:02
I agree with Mrsnobody its normal to have a follow up appointment, try not to worry :hugs:

louise hamilton
07-04-13, 23:04
Thanks I'm just so worried I'm only 39 this is horrible

07-04-13, 23:07
I have a heart murmur (since birth) and have had hundreds of echos, I know its horrible but it is normal to have a follow up :hugs:

07-04-13, 23:08
i am 35 and going through the same. it hard not to worry but theres one thing ive learnt with this is if it was something bad they phone you straght away. dont worry you see the consultant so he can review your results/ see how your doing and explain things to you etc. keep posting on here as it will help get you through the worry

louise hamilton
07-04-13, 23:14
Thanks very much Im already waiting to get an op done this yr as they found an ovarian cysts I got the echo done on the 21 march and have to see the consultant on 18 April is that soon xx

08-04-13, 06:56
No, soon is within a couple of days! I'm sure it's fine.

08-04-13, 13:41
that isnt soon. when they found i problem with my father in-law he was phoned the same day (within hours). keep posting as it helps and let us know how you get on when you go on the 18th. Try the tummy breathing exercised when you get stress it helps me to relax- anythings worth ago.

louise hamilton
16-04-13, 21:01
Hi everyone

I'm for the consultant on Thursday and really nervous palpatations are still there seem to get them a lot when I eat or lie down or even when I talk to people really wish they would disappear

Hope your all feeling ok

Love Louise

16-04-13, 23:31
hi louise

i hope it all goes ok for you on thursday, i do know how you feel as iam waiting for more tests etc which have been ordered by consultatn. let me know how you gey on

louise hamilton
19-04-13, 17:07
Hey everyone

Just to let u know echo was fine thankgod they want to see me back again in 3 years time

Thanks for all the support

Love Louise xx

semper solus
19-04-13, 17:12

Great news maybe you should go out and celebrate

Keep smiling :):)


22-05-13, 12:32
Does anyone know, I had an echo in 2010 which was fine, healthy heart. But go said lately when I asked about tests for now that there was no point repeating the echo as it wouldn't have changed significantly?